Monday, December 19, 2011

still sick

Cassidy first got sick the week before Halloween, she has been sick ever since. Then Joe got sick about two weeks later. The others caught it almost a month ago. I finally caught something else about ten days ago. Can I say how sick of being sick/taking care of sick people I am? I need a break. We all need to get healthy and stay well for a little while before the next wave hits. Is that too much too ask? And its only begun. The kids aren't even in school yet. What am I going to do when they are bringing home illnesses left and right? Lately I have been thinking a LOT about our garden. I caught the garden hug. I have already ordered my seeds for this coming year. Crazy. I am so excited to get in the dirt. I found some really motivating books and am ready to go. Maybe having been in that little condo last summer made me appreciate our yard even more. It isn't ideal, not enough sun, but it works for now. In a few years, when the kids are little older we will turn our front yard into a garden (tons of afternoon sun). Even talking about it makes me smile and get antsy. . Julia is crawling up a storm. She can pull up on the furniture, loves to climb over things, and she can go up the stairs by herself. We had to put the gate back up to block off the stairs. She is the happiest little cutie pie. I love when I get slone time with her. The way she rounds her back and snuggles in is so adorable. She is such a delight. . Molly is a little grumpy right now because she's sick but she is a sweet heart. She has this way of canoodling her way on to my lap when I am sitting feeding Julia. All if a sudden there she is, getting into everything. She has the sweetest face and when she'll keep a rubber band or clip in she is so precious. . Have you seen finding memo? Remember the seagulls? Mine. mine. Mine. mine. Well, Cassidy and molly do a mean seagull impression. I have to keep from laughing when they do it. They love each other. When I think of what life would be like if molly wasn't here (if we had waited longer between kids) I think Cassidy would have missed out on so much. Those two squabble sure but they miss each other and love to be together. . Cassidy is so three years old. She loves to tell us how she doesn't want to do what we tell her to do. Oh and the crying. I chalk that up to the illness :S but it's probably just a foreshadowing of things to come. She loves her family and gives such wonderful hugs. I can't believe that she is going to be in sunbeams in two weeks. Crazy. . Christmas is Sunday. Wow. I hope we are better by then.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Photos at last

Life is hectic for all of us. Here are some photos that I have been meaning to upload. Some before and afters of the house. Some halloween costumes for the kids. And some cute recent random ones.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sometimes I forget my wife's not perfect

So I came home the other day to find that my oldest daughter had a need of a bath because she got a cup of milk spilled on her head, which is kinda funny because she is always spilling it all over. I will leave it up to your imagination on how it happened because I don't even know.
My wife has been great these past few weeks. More amazing and capable than I think she gives herself credit. Sadly there are no awards or promotions for doing a great job in raising children...but here is a little something to say I appreciate and love you:

supposed to be a rose ^^

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Cassidy is now in a big girl bed. She finally earned it and the duvet cover finally arrived in the mail and so she has progressed. So cute to see her wearing the jammies that match the duvet cover, she kind of blends in. I even broke down her crib and put it in the storage room until Molly needs it. It all seems so big girlish now. She and the rest of the senior nursery will be singing I am a Child of God in the primary program in a couple of weeks. Craziness.
molly is starting to talk a lot more. She sounds a little muffled like she was hearing underwater but it is a start. She is letting me put clips in her hair and she will keep them in throughout the day. She looks so cute with her hair pulled back from her face. What a dear heart.
Julia cut her first tooth Tuesday. She started inch worming on Wednesday. And she is a pro at sitting. She is talking up a storm. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I am nervous about the teeth thing. This is the first time I have nursed a baby with teeth. With Cassidy and Molly they were weaned before they got teeth. She is getting into the go go go phase. She wants me to hold her but always squirming around trying to spy the girls.
Joe is doing a lot of fishing lately. He is in a bass club and is liking it. We are almost done with the house. Finally. I need to upload photos.
I was called into nursery last week. We have 17, soon to be 19, in nursery. Usually 15 or so are there. Fifteen makes three seem much easier.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

indoor plumbing... when size matters

Eight o'clock at night is not the best time to start a plumbing project, a soldering plumbing project mind you, in the bathroom next to your sleeping one and three year olds. We learned the almost hard way. We didn't stop until after 1100 and were not even done. Five compression valves and two shower trims beat us until this morning. We had to shut off the water while we worked so it was a race against time to finish. But alas, the toilet upstairs is installed (tonight's project), the showers up and downstairs now are operable, though there are no shower doors upstairs yet, and the sinks are ready to be connected upstairs, except the vanity isn't done. Not bad for six hours of work for two people. The biggest issue was that we cut the pipes and bolts too short to make our work easy. Better to start off too long than to start too short.
How many projects do you have going?? I have started at least five and I hardly have time to progress with any. I have to remind myself not to start anything else because I just don't have time. I want so badly to finish the roman shade I started for our dining room, alas I have sewn one seam and finally picked a lining. The bench, well I have sanded parts and have dismantled it. It still needs more sanding and to be stained and sealed. The girls' scrapbooks have not been touched since December I think. At least I have photos printed already. The photos of ancestors need to be taken, printed, laminated and copied to group sheets. Etc ... I find that I spend most of my children in bed hours doing house work that didn't get done while the kids were awake. With every picture frame that is put out I feel like our house is closer to being the homey place I would like. I just would like a little more time to do more.
I am sorry if this sounded like a complaining post. It wasn't supposed to be. I am so glad we got so much done in the bathrooms in the last two days. Sometimes I would just like to feel like I completed something instead of just progressing on it. But there will always be more to add to the to do list right?
I had fun watching the older girls play in about an inch of water in the barely inflated baby pool today. They were having a blast. And how molly would run over to me so that I could squirt her with the water as I washed off our patio. Julia loves the girls. Those two make her laugh something fierce. I love watching Cassidy dance around and humm. And she calls molly "molly manomi" instead of molly Naomi and calls Julia "bajulia". But when Joe called cass "Cassidy shelackalacka lots" instead of Cassidy Shea she got serious and said "that's not my name". Those girls are dolls. I love them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

sick and it's 100 outside

All the girls ended up with a cold last week. The cranky runny nose type. What fun. Cassidy first then the other two joined on Friday, right in time for daddy to be gone fishing overnight. We stayed home yesterday from church, the lots girls that is while daddy went. The nursery would definitely have said No Thank You to them. I hate missing church, even for legit reasons like sick kids. At least I had women's conference Saturday night. Wasn't it awesome!!! Hello segue way to the higher law of visiting teaching. I have had the best vter ever, merlieee, and some not so great ones. I have been good and not so good at being a vter. I will do better. I have had the best vter who was really the vtee, Anne. Many examples to help me know better how to be better.
So little miss Julia is talking up a storm these days. My bet... She will be a talker like Cassidy. Hut you never know till after right? Oh and there is molly awake. Speaking of awake miss Cassidy made a couple appearances last night, at 130 and 500 am, she wanted to play. Hmmm no. Its time to Sleep. Its getting old. She's been doing this for a number of days now. Awwwwwwww. Whatdo I do?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Cassidy turned three a couple of weeks ago. We had a party for her at our house. Lots of kids and their parents. It was so nice to see everyone.
Ever since it seems like we have been busy, but at home. Lots of people have dropped by to see the house and we have had a bunch of play dates. So nice after practically nothing at the little house.
Julia is sleeping much better. Ten to 12 hours a night, getting up only one time. Up from eight hours at the little house. She is learning to fall asleep in her own, yeah
She is six months now, crazy flying time. I started her on oatmeal cereal, she loves it. From the first bite she has been awesome. Oops I was going to buy some squash tonight, maybe I'll make her carrots tomorrow.
House is coming along. The two bathrooms are still in progress. Can't wait till they are done. The granite for one is in our garage. It would be good to get that in asap.
I was able to pull out my cute clothes today. All the pre kid clothes that I haven't been able to wear much in the last three and a half years. Because we don't plan on talking about baby #4 until next spring or summer it is nice to know i will be able to wear them for more than a month or two, like before with Molly and Julia.
Joe had his over night fishing trip with buddies last week. He's been sick ever since. Yucky.
I guess i should go to bed. Its 1120 and i always regret the next day when i stay up late, even if i am enjoying me time.

Friday, August 12, 2011

there's no place like home

We just signed our little house away. Thank goodness we never have to go back again. We are 100% moved out and maybe 50% moved in but that is wonderful. Right now I am sitting at the top of the stairs with Julia making sure that Cassidy stays in her room and out of molly's crib. At the ripe old age of three years minus one week she was finally learned how to climb out of a crib. Joy. So now we get to learn how to stay on your own bed. Item number one on tomorrow's list of to do is put her door knob on. Today was the door, tomorrow the knob. Sitting here looking down the upstairs hall , oops there's the crib escape artist now... Let the cries for potty and milk begin... Next the screaming... Oh the joys of parenthood. I can't believe we moved out on may 11 and moved back in August 11. Three months and 840 square feet later. My sanity is a little shaken, some days I barely survived, some nights I wanted to (and did) scream, but here we are with room for us now and to grow. Some nights I seriously, well not so seriously, questioned my desire to have more kids. The stress of not having enough room Nnd trying to not disturb the little boy that slept on the same wall as Julia, never being able to have a schedule... Hopefully its over now. We are home, at long last. I love our 'new' house.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breaking out

It's set, we move out of this cage on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then go to the cabin for a few days then... WE MOVE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Beyond words. Our house will be about 90% done when we move in. A few things will get done in the coming months that are mandatory for the final inspection and a few things will wait till next year. In truth we have hit the end of the money and so as to not finance more than the absolute minimum we are delaying stuff till we get more dinero. A nice benefit? Having to think of better, less expensive solutions for "issues" or options that come up. Like... curtains on the girls' closets instead of doors (have you seen how much fun it is for a 2 year to slam the bi-pass doors against the wall?). $25 curtains instead of $150 blinds, for each girl's window. It would be nice to have everything done before moving in, but hey that is homeowner-ship, it's never ALL done, ever.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Here are a few recent pictures.
We are almost done with the house. Just two more weeks. Thank goodness. I am sick of trying to pick paint colors. I need to just decide and be done with it. But it is so hard when those tiny paint strips are so different from a room painted in the color.
The girls are as cute as ever. Sometimes I feel inadequate to be a mother. I get so impatient by the end of the day, and by the end of the week I am toast. I hate that I am not better than I am and that is sometimes a self fulfilling prophesy I bet. The girls are so much fun, especially one-on-one. They are different in many ways and I really enjoy seeing them be themselves fully when alone.
Julia is getting bigger, well, mostly longer. She's longer and lighter than the older girls were at 4 months. She's learning how to be a cat. The other day she started crying, vocalizing differently. It was funny watching her do it because I could see her trying to hit a high pitch than normal. I even got it on film. I'll post that later.
Joe had a fun day of fishing last week. He and a friend went kayaking in the delta from 530 am to 5 pm. He came home looking like a lobster in spots. Oops. They each caught 13 fish, but being the delta they didn't keep any to eat. Joe had a good experience with prayer. One of his poles feel in the water and sunk. But after praying and searching for about 15 minutes he was able to find it in about 7 feet of water. Sometimes we do find what we have lost.
Hopefully I'll find my brain soon...
A fun note. We were able to upgrade our camera this month. My old one fell out of the diaper bag. After that it was never the same, it couldn't focus half the time I tried to use it so we purchased a new one. Half the price and twice the megapixels. I love technology advances. :) The picture of Julia on the reddish couch is with the old camera, and the other ones are with the new one. Can you tell?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Put a fork in me

I am so done. So very done with living in this townhouse-apartment-summer house whatever you want to call it. Thankfully our house is in the home stretch. I told Joe I have three weeks left in me, if that. At that point I need to be out of this place. He called me yesterday and asked about how long until we anticipate being ready to move out. He mentioned six weeks, I cried. There just isn't enough rooms where I can put our three girls for naps, especially Julia. Three days in a row that I have tried for more than two hours to get her to sleep in the morning and haven't succeded until I was able to get the older girls down for the their noon naps. By that time the baby is screaming, the girls are wild, and I am near tears if not in tears.
Cassidy is up... i'll finish later

It's later and all the kids are in bed, whether asleep or not, we shall see.

This afternoon I had to get out of this place. I got the kids in the car and just drove away. I ended up taking us by our "big house"... and there is julia crying. shoot me now please. Just put me out of my misery.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ja dura

Today we received a card in the mail from my mission president('s wife). I had the best mission president and wife. My original mission call was to Portugal Lisbon South, which included the Cape Verde islands. Before I entered the MTC it was announced that the islands would be separated and become its own mission. While in the MTC the mission president for the Cape Verde mission was named, Daryl Hobson. I remember joking with my companions about how close his name was to my father's Darryll Dodson and how it would be funny if he were to be my president. But we all thought there would be no way that we'd get called to Cape Verde. Yet a few days before leaving we found out that two of the three of us would be going to Cape Verde. From the first time I met President and Sister Hobson I knew that they were special. They were, they are. I always enjoyed the opportunities I had to talk to them and get to know them. I especially felt a connection with Sister Hobson. She was like a mother to me while I was there. My mother had died 6 months before I left on my mission so I really needed someone and Sister Hobson was amazing. I will always be grateful for them.
I stopped by our house today. It was kind of deflating. It's a disaster. Hand prints all over the walls. Dirt. Holes. Water. And what is up with the weather? More rain today. The house had to be tarped. Please no more rain. But it is progressing. Two steps forward and one step back.
The older girls are asleep right now and Julia is here on the couch with me. She's smiling and cooing and kicking the laptop. I love this age; it is so adorable. She just looks like she's trying to talk to me. She is so beautiful and such a doll. Cassidy never took to a pacifier or sucked her thumb, Molly only started sucking her thumb at about 9 months and still does but never took a pacifier, Julia is already jawing her fingers all the time. So interesting how they each found their own thing, in their own time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Too many brushstrokes

Ever seen Amadeus? Too many notes is the original quote. My mother-in-law is an artist and so we sometimes use 'too many brushstrokes' to mean that she's overworked a painting. The funny thing is I typed 'brushstrokes' up above thinking that was the original wording, it wasn't until I mentioned Amadeus that it hit me that he didn't use brushstrokes. Oh the mommy-isms.
What a wonderful day. Beautiful weather. The baby got a good 3-hour morning nap, all the girls are asleep, Joe is out buying ice cream and renting a movie. Oh yeah.
We spent an hour or so this afternoon looking at bath fixtures. We need shower valves for the two bathrooms being done for Monday. This is the 'too many brushstrokes' connection. Too many choices. The girls lost it before we could buy anything. Good thing too because after getting the girls down I went online and found our favorites for loads cheaper. Gotta love Amazon. And with Prime there was no shipping fee to get two day delivery. AWESOME!!! Stinky thing is that the valves aren't included with the fixtures so we still have to buy those, and those can't be here until Tuesday, at least. Unless we can find a local store that carries them. Oh well. What can you do? My brain is still fried from the store shopping and the amazon/internet price finding mission. Next, fans... joy. We already hired a babysitter this week to get and look. Now we need to buy. Too many choices. Not so fun anymore.

Monday, June 20, 2011


So what is up with the weather?? It rained during the first few days of June and now it's in the 90s. Craziness.

What is happening with us. I am getting more accustomed to a small condo. Julia still is the victim of too few rooms but is being nice and giving me sporadic nights where she sleeps all night. I actually got two in a row this weekend. Very nice indeed. Molly is a little spitfire. She loves to climb on the kitchen table and look at herself in the mirror we have hanging on the dining room wall. She still isn't saying a whole lot but she loves to jabber more and more. She does know the word 'more' and is good at using it when she wants more food. Molly loves the pool and had been walking right off the edge up until this last weekend. My mother-in-law bought the girls flotation vests and for some reason Molly has mellowed out since she's been using hers. Its wonderful. Cassidy used to hang out on the steps in the pool but now that she has her vest she will actually let go of us and kick herself around the pool. It's amazing how fast she changed. Those vests were a great purchase. Thank goodness for pools and air conditioning.

Our house is coming along. The upstairs framing is done. The roof tresses are up. The plywood is up along the roof and second story. Joe said the guys were prepping for the drywall inside the upstairs today. This week the roof and foundation get done. It actually looks like a real house now.

Molly goes to nursery officially this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She so needs it. I've been in there with her the last couple of weeks. That was so much easier than staying in the halls with her running around. She'll do just fine there I am sure. There are 13 kids in nursery I believe, lots of buddies to play with, including Cassidy.

What else? I can't wait to move back home. I miss having my own yard, and a room for each girl, and just space, and our neighbors.

A little explanation about this one. I had fed Molly half of a yogurt and then gave her the remaining yogurt to feed herself. She started out eating it with a spoon, then started using her hand to eat it, then she decided to put it in her hair. I let her go at it for a few minutes before I took her for an impromptu bath. Banana yogurt stinks... yuck.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mental and Physical stretching

When the brethren mentioned in conference that a little stretching is good and helps us grow I wasn't prepared to be growing so much so fast. :o) It has been one thing after another...Cassidy's foot injury (trip to ER), Molly drinking aphrin (trip to ER), Joe getting sick (wanting to go to ER), or Julia crying (waking everyone from our house to the ER).

Ok well it's really faith building (nice way of saying hard) but we "just keep swimming" just like Dory.

If my wife reads this...Hun, I love you and you are a great partner in this journey.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


We are moving along now that rain stopped. June 5th, the last day of rain, 1/10th of an inch. NUTS! Oh well. The second floor is at least half way framed out. Amazing to see it take shape so quickly at this point. Pictures to come.
I'm tired of our little place. No where to sleep the little one, only three rooms in the whole place, so she isn't getting enough sleep :/. But what can I do??
We need a back yard again. And a ...
I love my family and can't believe they are mine. What sweet little girls and what a hubby.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

where'd that come from??

Well it rained... in our house... we came home to standing water on our floors... oh well i guess... what can you do?? Pray for no more.

Friday, May 27, 2011

No roof... please no rain

Construction is going. We have no roof, no stucco, no ceilings, no kitchen cabinets, etc. Yesterday was the last time I saw it from the outside. Compared to the other second story additions in our sub-division our yard and house look awesome mid-construction. So neat and tidy. That I am sure makes the neighbors happy and oddly instills confidence for our choice of contractors. We've had a week long snag on the foundation but hopefully the city will sign off of Tuesday or Wednesday and we can get moving again.
Check out the House projects photo slideshow updates.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where was I?

While I was in the MTC one of my teachers showed a video of Elder Jeffery R Holland. His words touched me and during my initial weeks in Cabo Verde, they made the difference. Since then I have found his words and messages of special comfort.
While browsing the net today I watched a Mormon Message based on a talk he gave at the April 2009 general conference. I then watched that very talk. I don't remember hearing this talk before, where was I when he originally gave it ? How powerful his testimony of Christ is, how tender his feelings and emotions are. How comforting the message is and how inspiring. Here it is. Watch it. You'll be glad you did, I am.

Move it

Cassidy really likes the movie Madagascar, or the 'lion movie' as she calls it. I didn't realize how much until about a week ago when Joe and I were sitting on the couch after the girls were down and we hear her start singing, 'i like to move it move, i like to move it move it...'. It was so cute. She's done it a few times since then and it's funny every time. I especially like it when she changes her voice while singing, going deep and then going high.
I really like going to Target and scoping out the baby and kid sections, you never know what amazing deal you will find, if any. This last time, I found something I've been wanting for a few years now, a Moby wrap. All it is is a LONG length of fabric that you wrap around you in different ways to carry your baby. Not wanting to spend the $40 they cost, I actually tried to make one after Cassidy was born, but I couldn't find the right material. Well, last week I went to Target and there was one on the end cap with a clearance tag on it because it was an online purchase that someone returned to the store. Guess how much?? $10.06!!!! Of course I bought it, of course I am using right now. Julia wasn't hip on it when I tried it on for the first time yesterday, but today was/is wonderful. She's been asleep for almost an hour, and the wrap is super comfy. No backache or shoulder issues. I LOVE it! I wish I'd had one with the other girls. The only draw back is it is black and thick, so in the sun it might get uncomfortable, but being in the shade is better anyway. So it's all good. I have had so many great purchases from the clearance area at Target.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here are some recent photos.
These first ones are from Julia's blessing day. My mother-in-law made her dress and bonnet. She did a wonderful job. I think that the series of photos are pretty accurate about life with three under three. Good luck getting them all to hold still and smile at the same time.

This is a cute video of the girls. They are such fun, usually.

Our neighbor gave Cassidy her daughter's bicycle helmet. Cassidy did not want to take it off for days. Same with her bathing suit top, she called it her sun suit. So cute.

Mother's Day was fun. We had dinner at my in-laws, the girls had fun playing in the water fountain, and I didn't have to cook. Lovely.
We are adjusting to our new summer place. I should look at it like we are on vacation for the next few months. I have the girls playing musical rooms for sleeping. Molly takes her nap and goes to bed at night in a pack-n-play in our room. Cassidy sleeps in her crib in the other room. Once it is dark outside and the girls have been sleeping a while at night, we move Molly into her crib in the same room with Cassidy. After the first night when it took the girls over two hours to go to sleep and the second night took almost an hour, I made the executive decision that they could not go down for bed in the same room. This way they both get more sleep. Poor Julia gets what ever is left, upstairs or downstairs, in a pack-n-play or on our bed. I feel for her. I have always been big on sleep for the girls and it is just so much harder to get her the sleep she needs than it was for the other girls. Partly because of the two older girls and partly because we don't have a good spot that she can go whenever she does go to sleep.
We signed a contract with a contractor we both really like. It is only, at this point, to get the exterior done and up to the texture on the interior. He has it in the contract that it should take about eight weeks!! Wouldn't that be amazing??? We will probably hire him to complete everything, so I am hoping for the end of July, beginning of August for us to move back in. That would be so awesome. There is another house in our sub-division that is in the process of adding a second story. I notice the framing this week. Because we've been back to the house almost everyday I've been able to see the progress. It's amazing how quickly that part precedes. I am excited to see it on our house.
Julia is a smiler. I love it when she sees me and breaks out into a huge smile. It is so wonderful to know that she knows me and is happy to see me.
Here are some more photos. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

moved out

As I have never really moved I had no idea how difficult it would be, especially with three kids and us not taking everything. We had the elders, one friend, and one other from our ward come help. Thank goodness each showed up. I don't know what we would gave done without each of them. There are things we still need to go back for. We still gave a ton of prep work before construction starts but we are out.
I can tell you this
if we are ever not previously engages with something that can't be missed we will be helping whenever we know someone moving. What an ordeal. What a load of stress. Julia was great yesterday and awful today. She would not stay asleep for mire than two minutes it seemed. I hope things go better when we move back home. At least I'll know to pack a kid bag with food, sippies, utensils, and toys. I was so unaware and so unprepared. Next time...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

need diapers??

So I was recently fortunate to find an amazing deal on diapers on, size 4 pampers 176 count for 29.99. I only bought one box because it was in the "used" section. Of course I received a brand new, slightly damaged box of diapers. I should have gone back and bought more at that price, they are now up to 34.99. Well.
If you need size one, oh my goodness. Awesome deal, the ginormous size box, 200 plus for 14.99, no sales tax, no shipping if you buy two or more. The size two box is only 18.99, same about sales tax and shipping. Just go to Amazon and search diapers. The ones on sale are the pampers swaddlers sensitive. Awesome right? If only I didn't already have so many of both those sizes I could justify buying some. But at least I can pass on the deal. Check asap I am sure the deal won't last long.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the fun and games begin...

I don't know what got us started today but we started packing up stuff in anticipation for our move coming up. We photographed, catalogued, and took down all the paintings off our walls. We carefully put all 26 or so of them in my van and took them to the in-laws to be stored while we are under construction. What a difference in our home already, the walls are bare and everything has a different feel. I also got a couple things boxed up and put in the garage.
Kind of crazy to finally be getting ready to really start this huge project. Can't wait!!! I've never moved as a kid or since we've been married so I don't know all the fun of moving a household, but as we are only taking minimal stuff with us I am thinking this move won't be that bad, even with three young kids... We'll see.
Can I just say, whoever said babies who are nursed don't have smelly poops never met our girls. I am up with Julia and she just farted...oh man. :) Cross my fingers she stays asleep when she is done.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Six weeks and Counting --- Our little combustion

Six weeks and counting. There haven’t been any six hour night sleep stretches in a long time. Most nights we are down to 2 or 2 ½ at most, many are even less. The more I look at the difficulties inherent to having children, i.e. lack of sleep, terrible twos, etc, the more I see our relationship to God in miniature as well as opportunities to become more like Christ. Like the lack of sleep, we get the difficult opportunity to learn how to be kind, patient, long suffering, and charitable while we are sleep deprived and prone to the opposite. Christ was always kind, gentle, patient, long suffering, and charitable, even when He was tired. In the terrible twos I see Heavenly Father’s frustration with us when we fail to do what He has asked, commanded us to do NUMEROUS times. If only we were as obedient as we expect OUR children to be, how blessed we would be. I can see why (and I’m sure I only see a small portion at that) the plan of salvation revolves around families, and why families are so crucial in our development.
I can’t believe it’s been six weeks. The days, and nights, have all run together. There have a number of occasions that Joe and I commented on how much easier having two children was. And how did we ever think ONE was hard. Of course it was, but man, a little perspective and experience really does change your perceptions, expectations, and threshold for being tired. Going back to the six weeks marker, Julia is doing great. We had her weighed at one month, 8 pounds 1 ounce, so she’s gaining weight perfectly, 1 ounce a day. That has been a concern with each of the girls. Knowing that she’s doing well is a huge relief. She’s fussier when awake than I remember either Cassidy or Molly being. Julia wants to be held while awake, but she doesn’t really like it if you’re sitting while holding her. At night she often sleeps in the crook of my arm on the couch. There have been many a night when that was the only way that I could keep her asleep. I always said that I wouldn’t sleep with my infant but when it’s either that or not sleeping at all, I choose sleep. Same with a pacifier; Julia doesn’t really keep it in her mouth very well but sometimes it is the only thing I can do to pacify her.
One of my visiting teachers is a great photographer and she offered to do a mini photo session for Julia, of course I jumped at it. The pictures are AMAZING!!!!! Here are some of them. I can’t wait to frame some.

I am already worrying about equality between the girls and middle child syndrome. Cassidy had a little photo session when she was 2 weeks old. And her grandmother did an awesome painting of me holding her while she’s in her blessing dress. Julia had a photo shoot, her grandmother made her blessing dress, and I will get pictures of her in it. Then there is Molly, our dear Molly. True, I made her blessing dress but we never took any pictures of her wearing it. Nor did she have any type of photo shoot and I really didn’t take any photos that would come close to being that type. Will she be jealous?? Will she think that she was gyped?? I hope not. Molly definitely has the best birthing story of all the girls. But there again, she has the worst birthday, Christmas Eve. Poor girl.
Cassidy is in an attitude stage. She likes to forcibly tell us NO when she doesn’t want to do what we ask of her. At times it is hard not to laugh and other times it’s hard to keep my cool, especially when she’s being told to get off her sister and she responds with no.
Molly is such a pleasant child to be with, except when she’s screaming (which she does just to make noise with Cassidy). She is jabbering a lot more but still only says Ball, Dog, and Hi. She’s never tried to say mama or dada, oh well, one day. She is such a climber; my mother-in-law calls her the Terminator because she just goes through everything. And if she falls, she just gets up and continues. Today she went head first over the arm of our couch and as she stood up she laughed the most adorable laugh. So great. Because she doesn’t talk as she goes, sometimes she gets into things without your knowing she’s even there. She tests everything and remembers so much. Molly loves to be snuggled and always goes running to the back door when Joe comes home from work. She is a daddy’s girl, for sure.
Well I started this post over a week ago, and it’s finally getting on the blog, sorry.

Sunday Cassidy really busted out with attitude, during sacrament meeting no less. I had to keep a straight face and just look at her as she practically screamed at me to “let [her]do it, let [her] do it, just let [her] do!!” The it being take off Molly’s shoes. To the normal observer my girls ate pure sugar for breakfast, not that sugar makes you hyper, but you know. They were CRAZY, so with the screaming and not sitting even remotely quiet, I had to take them both out of the chapel and find a room with a speaker so I could listen to the talks as the girls and I sat where we were not disturbing everyone. It only took a couple of minutes of Cassidy sitting in her own chair and me trying, unsuccessfully, to hold Molly still. At one point I looked at the girls and thought that Cassidy is all girl, drama and babies, and Molly is all tom boy, hold the talking and pass the daredevil. So much fun but such an opportunity to learn to be patient and long suffering and kind and all those good qualities we want but loath to have to endure learning and acquiring. We were able to return and listen to the mission president give a powerful, ie loud, talk. Very good sacrament meeting. I really appreciated his wife’s talk on Peter in the New Testament. Oh how I NEED church on Sundays. What was Joe doing during this episode? looking so peaceful holding a sleeping Julia. Lucky him. Except he had to try to keep her asleep as I had to shuffle past with the girls, twice. Good job Joe. AND he got a sleeping Molly into her car asleep, out of her car seat asleep, and into her crib asleep. She then slept another 2 ½ hours. Good job JOE!!!!!!! Now if only I could do that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Even if its only for one night

So what happens when you put on Harry Potter and lie down on the couch with the baby tucked in one arm? Six plus hours STRAIGHT of sleep!!!! Amazing what a little sleep will do. Even if it is only for one night I will take it.

Side note, of course that would be the morning the other girls get up early.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

our little comic relief

I love our girls, they are hilarious. Molly and Cassidy are different but man, are they funny. The day after Julia came home I had to get all the girl clothing down from the garage, I had expected a boy and so got only boy clothes out. Well I got distracted while putting the dresses in the nursery closet. Cassidy must have come in after me and found two dresses sitting there begging to be put on. The next thing I see is Cassidy coming out of the nursery with a 3-6 month dress on. Of course it looked like a shirt and I couldn't button it but it fit her. Then out walks Molly, also with a 3-6 month dress on, also looking just like a shirt. Neither had pants on, just panties or a diaper and the baby dress. All I could do was laugh, too bad I didn't grab the camera. Of course it was Cassidy who got Molly undressed then dressed again. She is always trying to help get Molly naked.
We've had Julia sleeping in a pack'n'play in the family room since she came home. She no longer is there if the girls are up because we have a baby snatcher in the family. Little Cassidy just can't resist little Julia, no matter how often we tell her not to touch the baby ir to leave her blankets alone. The other day both Joe and I were home, the two older girls were up, and Julia was peacefully sleeping in the p&p. I was on the couch in the family room and must have fallen asleep, go figure. Well I woke up to see Cassidy walking out of the room carrying a doll dressed in pink, just like Julia. I jumped up, checked the p&p, saw that Julia was not in it and went running into the kitchen after Cassidy. Joe was in there but he was staring in unbelief at Cassidy carrying baby Julia like a doll. All I could think as I ran in there was "don't let go, don't drop her". Fortunately nothing happened but oh the idea of what could have been was enough to change the sleeping arrangement. I had no idea she'd be able to pick Julia up out of the p&p. Big sisters aren't they great?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what can you do?

Its March 22, Julias due date. And what am I doing? I am hoping, with little reason to hope really, that she'll go back to sleep Before 5 am. You see, I have never seen a two week old who is so alert from 11 pm to 5 am. Its unreal. Its like clockwork to. She won't stay awake during the day, even when I try to feed her but she's all bright eyed from 11 to 5. The nut. The last two nights she would only go to sleep once I put her on the couch in my arm and fell asleep myself. To say the least I am dying of lack of sleep during the day. Tonight as soon as the girls were in bed, dinner done, and Julia was fed and down I went to bed. That was 7pm. I felt like an idiot. No time for Joe or me but I needed a little sleep before our nightly wake fest started. And "sleep when your baby sleeps" doesn't work so well with two other kids, each with a different nap schedule. Oh the sacrifices parents make.
You learn a lot about yourself when you are tired. Like just how selfish and impatient you really are, and how far you have to go to become Christlike. Its a good thing he was so good even when He was tired.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's about time

Two weeks already. Crazy. I guess I should post a little about the birth; I always love hearing the story.

I had been having painful Braxton hicks contractions for awhile and having had the 37 week appointment the Thursday before I knew that I wasn’t progressing in terms of labor so when I was having a lot of them on Saturday I just dismissed them as nothing. The contractions were only a 3 in pain terms, only lasted about 30 seconds, and were not very regular. So Saturday Joe and I got a lot of things done, we made and delivered chocolate chip cookies, we tried to visit his mom, we went for a long drive through the hills around town. By the time we got home it was time to make dinner for the girls, about 515pm. We made dinner, ate, showered, and got the girls ready for bed. At about 630pm Joe started keeping track of the spacing between my contractions. At about 7 he told me we were going to the hospital. I didn’t put up a fight; I really thought when the hospital sent us home for not being in labor would be a good enough told-you-so because “I was not in labor”. The hospital is only 2 miles away but Joe made the drive last longer because I wasn’t having any contractions right then. He made a deal with me; if I didn’t have any contractions by the time we got there we could turn around and go home. Yeah. Of course I didn’t have one until we were right in front of the hospital. So we went in and had to register in the ER and were taken up to the maternity ward where they proceeded to get everything set up and asked me a ton of questions before even checking me to see if I was in labor. The whole time I was thinking, why not check me first so you can just send me home. It was about 815 when the nurse finally checked me, 4 ½ cm and 60%. So I was wrong. The contractions were still not very strong; I know strong contractions thanks to Molly, and short. I turned down the early labor pain meds but soon things really started picking up and I was getting nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get the epidural in time because I could feel everything getting stronger. I had a lot of forms to sign and gladly signed for the epidural at 9. That’s when the contractions started going off the charts; literally, the peaks were off the fetal monitor graph paper. They checked me again, 6 cm, so they knew things were going to be quick. The anesthesiologist fortunately got in quickly and got the epidural in as quick as he could. I had to sit there through a few contractions, that was hard. They felt like my legs were being ripped from my hip joints. Once it was in, it took a few minutes to take effect and barely worked in time. This epidural was awesome, I could feel Julia moving down but it didn’t hurt. The nurse checked me again, 10 cm, woohoo. The bed was changed and the doctor came in. Not my doctor mind you, she hasn’t delivered any of my girls, but it was the doctor that delivered Cassidy, I really like that doctor. She said push, so I did, and in one push Julia’s head was out and then a pause to unwrap the cord from her neck, then one little push for her shoulders. That was a breeze. Because the epidural was placed so soon before the delivery, I didn’t need a catheter and the epidural was turned off soon, so the amount of drug taken was minimal. Both are key factors in recovery I have found. So Julia was born less then 4 hours from the time Joe started paying attention. I’m so glad I listened to him (well, humored him really) because had we taken any longer to get to the hospital I don’t think I would have had time to get the epidural. I could do it without if I HAD to but I don’t WANT to.
When she was first delivered Joe said it was a girl, I thought he was joking with me so I had to look for myself. He wasn’t kidding. The mental transition from ‘we’re having a boy” to “it’s a girl” was fortunately very quick. I was excited that there would be three little girls growing up together, and in high school together. She also had hair and was super cheesy. Julia had some trouble keeping her temperature up for the first 12 hours or so but otherwise she was/is perfect. So pretty, long fingers and toes, pretty color hair and blue eyes.
The stay at the hospital was a little boring because Joe was home with the other girls most of the time, of course. I did have some visitors which was so nice. We came home Monday and have been trying to adjust ever since. Julia is in the pack’n’play in the living room for the time being. The girls are back in their own rooms because Molly just wasn’t getting enough sleep being in the same room with Cassidy. When we move then they’ll have to share again and hopefully Molly will be able to get enough sleep then. But this works best for now. Too bad we made all the furniture changes and then didn’t really need them, oh well. I had to pack up all the boy stuff and go get all the girl clothes down, didn’t think I was going to need them anytime soon.
Julia sleeps great throughout the day and is starting to be awake a little more, usually at night though, Aghh. Oh well, that will change and it’ll be okay. The girls, well Cassidy loves her and always wants to hold her, Molly will notice her here and there but does her own thing most of the time. There aren’t a lot of jealousy issues, yet. I think the girls are lucky to have each other to make the transition easier.
Besides being sick, the recovery has been the best yet. Really the quickness of the delivery helped I think. Now that I am getting less sleep it is getting a little harder but at least I do not have to battle the physical recuperation as well.
Three little girls, how perfect is that??
Photos next time of the girls

Friday, March 18, 2011

everyone is sick

Yup we are all feeling sick today. Baby Julia has a slight stuffy nose and is being watched closely. The other two girls have runny noses and mom and dad have head congestion .
Dec was going to go to the store but it is raining hard outside at the moment. Day might be a day were we just hunker down and rest.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

new baby girl arrived last night

We are pleased to announce another baby girl decidedly wanted to join us in this world last night around ten o,clock
she weighed 6 lbs 15 ou and was around 19 in long. Both baby and mom are doing well. I think this one might be our fiery one because she came out screaming like none other. She also has more desire to feed.
Will post pictures soon

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

we made it...

Yeah, it's March! That was my goal, stay pregnant until March, now we can have the baby whenever. My doctor thinks it will be in the next week or so but we shall see. I never feel it is time till the morning I have the baby, maybe this time will be different. I have been trying to get ready as much as possible so that whenever happens the house is ready, with frozen meals in the freezer even. I moved Cassidy into Molly's room on Sunday. The first night was perfect, not a sound from either girl. Night two there was some talking but Molly seemed to fall asleep amidst Cassidy's soliloquy. Tonight was what I was dreading, two very tired girls that fought sleep for over an hour. I am sure we could have left them separated but it was going to happen eventually. Naps are still in their old rooms, that'll change, but for now...
Tonight I went out with some friends and we got pedicures, as a baby shower. It was great to have December time. Of course we talked a lot about our husbands and combined 15 kids but how can you not talk about your life? I had a good tome listening to these friends my age who have children much older than mine, I love getting a feel for the adventures and roller coasters ahead. I so enjoyed it. I haven't had a pedicure since my wedding.
We meet with a possible contractor for our addition this week, YEAH!! Let's get moving!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Amazing, just a week and a half ago we had a picnic at the park for my nephew’s birthday and it was gorgeous. This week there is snow on the hills surrounding our area. The weather sure has changed back to winter. Today was nice though; sixty-three degrees and sunny. My dad came over and we spent over an hour outside in the back yard playing. It felt so good to be out in the sunshine. The flowers are blooming everywhere, our daffodils are open and our freesias have buds which are close to opening. Didn’t someone tell them it’s only February 22? Oh well.

Four weeks to go till the baby comes, officially. Considering that Molly was so early, as long as we make it to March I’m happy. I’ve thought about this third addition a lot this last week. I don’t think I’m ready, or will be before he comes. (No, we don’t know if it’s a boy for sure, but yes, I think it is.) But it’s too late for a do over so I guess whether I feel ready or not is irrelevant. We’ve gotten to this point so quickly. In just over two and a half years we went from just Joe and me to Joe, myself, and three kids. I barely feel like I’ve been able to adjust to the two girls and soon there will be a new little one. I look at Molly and think “you are so little still, how is it possible that you won’t be the youngest in just a couple of weeks?” I know that we’ve made the right decisions to get to this point, I am just feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Unless a miracle happens in the next few weeks with potty training, we will have three in diapers, even if it’s only at night for Cassidy. Last night she did wake up and make noise in time for me to get her to the bathroom before she pooped, that’s a start, right?? Small blessings.

If you have any boy names that you like, make a comment with them. We find hearing other people’s ideas helps bring more names to the table and that really does help us. I guess you can mention girl names too, but I am 95% sure we don’t need to worry about those.

On Sunday, I took Molly with me to pick up Cassidy from nursery. We were in there a few minutes and Molly was having fun seeing all the other kids. There is one little boy, a brother of another little one in nursery, who is only a month older than Molly. Well Molly went up to him and gave him a big hug, completely out of the blue. It was really cute, especially because that is what Cassidy used to do a lot when she was just a little older than Molly is now. The little boy wasn’t too thrilled but he didn’t get upset, just wriggled to be freed. So adorable.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Loony bin????

We are trying to still potty train miss Cassidy. We wish she would just catch on but is still having accidents and testing our resolve. This third baby is looking like it may be a little overwhelming and send us to the edge of checking into a loony bin.

Keep you all posted, only five weeks away.

Molly is trying to feed herself now...which is good and bad. Not sure if the mess that is made is worth it at this time. She is coordinated but at thirteen months she has limited dexterity. I am pleased she is trying nonetheless.

Monday, February 14, 2011

No great updates, just progress in all areas.

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Can you believe February is half over already??
Cassidy is getting better at not saying “no” all the time. She does have her own opinions on just about everything but she can be persuaded to go along with us if we really want to change her mind. She’ll be 2 ½ this week, amazing. I have to remind myself that often when she acts her age. Her verbal skills make me think she’s older. What a delight she is. She loves to try and get Molly to talk; she’ll say “say mama” “say dada” to Molly a lot. Cassidy is right now singing in her crib. We put her down for her nap almost 30 minutes ago but she’s still going strong. We don’t always recognize what she’s saying, but sometimes it’s really obvious, like when she sings “happy birthday”. Potty training is going okay. After talking to our local potty training expert, I think we missed our “magic window of opportunity” with Cassidy. Oh well. It will happen eventually, Joe and I just need patience with her and the mess that naturally comes with potty training. Cassidy loves nursery and talks about it all week. We’ve really enjoyed this last week, the weather has been so nice and we’ve been able to go out and play a lot.
Molly is getting bigger and much more mobile. She’s really interested in getting down and exploring everywhere. That is great, except during church when it can be quite a challenge to get her to sit through a class. Oh well, she’s such a dear that there is always someone offering to walk with her. I’ve heard that our girls have a great reputation at church, that anyone should jump at the opportunity to babysit them. It’s such a relief to know that people are willing to help, especially with the new baby coming soon. We’ve learn a valuable lesson already with Molly, that is not to compare your kids, even as young as Molly and Cassidy they are different. Whereas Cassidy talked early and developed a HUGE vocabulary early, she walked on the later side; and Molly is the opposite, early walker and talking later. She says “ball” and that’s all. She doesn’t appear to have any interest in talking. She won’t mimmick any sound except growling, which is really cute. She just looks at you and then is off and running. It’s quite clear she hears perfectly well and she will follow directions as well as a 13 month old will, she just isn’t into talking.
The next challenge I am dreading is putting those two in the same room to sleep. Joe and I both are of the mind that sharing a room is good for kids and so even though it needs to happen eventually but I am not sure I’m ready to do it. When we move out during construction I am pretty sure we’ll be in a two room townhouse or apartment and so it will be necessary for them to sleep in the same room then. They sleep so well in their own rooms that I hate to disrupt that. If anyone has experience with this please share with me your thoughts.
Joe is doing well, though he seems to be getting all the colds that are going around. He’s trying to get over something right now. He was able to get a few days of snow boarding in this winter which he enjoyed. Work is going well. He just got a new phone, a smart phone so he’s enjoying leaning all its capabilities.
The house project is going well. Our plans are just being checked over by the city and then we can pull permits. We should be starting construction in April or May, just depends on the weather and the contractor. I am so excited.
Lastly, I am doing pretty well. My body is tired and I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. Only a few weeks to go before chaos starts but that’s okay; it’s always hardest before it gets easier. This baby is quite active which is fun. Sometimes I get really painful cramps that feel like a runner’s side cramp, when those happen I think “thank goodness for epidurals”. Sometimes I think, oh I could do this without one again, then the cramps start and I think, “thank goodness I don’t have to”. But as with everything, this too shall pass, YEAH!!!

Oh yeah, and thank you whoever it was. We appreciate your generousity. We will be doing a better job of updating our blog, on a weekly basis, at least.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Year - New Challenges

- potty training
- learning to hear "NO" to everything
- Getting ready for the next BABY

December is only a half-dozen weeks away from being a mommy x3

Our house is in the crosshairs of demo and remodeling