Monday, July 25, 2011


Here are a few recent pictures.
We are almost done with the house. Just two more weeks. Thank goodness. I am sick of trying to pick paint colors. I need to just decide and be done with it. But it is so hard when those tiny paint strips are so different from a room painted in the color.
The girls are as cute as ever. Sometimes I feel inadequate to be a mother. I get so impatient by the end of the day, and by the end of the week I am toast. I hate that I am not better than I am and that is sometimes a self fulfilling prophesy I bet. The girls are so much fun, especially one-on-one. They are different in many ways and I really enjoy seeing them be themselves fully when alone.
Julia is getting bigger, well, mostly longer. She's longer and lighter than the older girls were at 4 months. She's learning how to be a cat. The other day she started crying, vocalizing differently. It was funny watching her do it because I could see her trying to hit a high pitch than normal. I even got it on film. I'll post that later.
Joe had a fun day of fishing last week. He and a friend went kayaking in the delta from 530 am to 5 pm. He came home looking like a lobster in spots. Oops. They each caught 13 fish, but being the delta they didn't keep any to eat. Joe had a good experience with prayer. One of his poles feel in the water and sunk. But after praying and searching for about 15 minutes he was able to find it in about 7 feet of water. Sometimes we do find what we have lost.
Hopefully I'll find my brain soon...
A fun note. We were able to upgrade our camera this month. My old one fell out of the diaper bag. After that it was never the same, it couldn't focus half the time I tried to use it so we purchased a new one. Half the price and twice the megapixels. I love technology advances. :) The picture of Julia on the reddish couch is with the old camera, and the other ones are with the new one. Can you tell?