Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's a beautiful Christmas present...A baby girl!!!!

Yup that is right we had a very special experience this Christmas! Our new little girl was born 6 pounds 8 ounces at 4:37 p.m. on Christmas Eve in a dramatic manner. God was gracious in more ways than we can count because among all the crazy things that happened in the delivery all turned out alright.

We will post more with pictures and story soon, as we are still trying to recover from the magical event.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where does the time go?

I heard, or maybe read, a good quote recently. It goes something like this, "time flies, but at least you are the pilot." How true. I am amazed though that it is already December 5th.
Our little family has been busy lately. I wish I could call my belly little, it stopped being little a while ago. I am now 34 weeks and I am ready to be done. The feeling of having a basketball under my shirt is easily ignored and forgotten, most of the time, except when I need to tie my shoes while I'm in the car, ouch. It makes a little shelf for Cassidy to prop on when we sit on the couch and she lays her head on my shoulder. Which is by far one of my favorite things that she does. The biggest pain, literally, is the pelvic joint pains. From what I hear, many second and subsequent pregnancies "attack" that region more than firsts. Night are horrible and mornings make me want to cry. I keep my fingers crossed for this little one to want to greet us EARLY!!! I asked my doctor about induction already, she said 39 weeks. Can I last that long?? We'll see. I really appreciate those pain free moments so much more now. I have much more understanding of how hard it much be to get old and lose the ease of a young, healthy body. But that being said, I would go through it all over again, 10 times worse, for the blessing of bringing another child into our family. I so love feeling the baby move around. I like to think s/he is doing pirouettes because of how it feels to me. The funniest part is that I only feel the baby on the right side, never on the left. Cassidy was the same. I "love" when s/he pushes against my pelvic bone and stretches long, weirdest feeling.
I can't believe that in 5 weeks we'll have another little one. That will be crazy, but so much fun. We've transitioned, partially, Cassidy to her new room. She still takes naps in her old room but sleeps at night in the new room with the new crib and mattress. I thought it might be easier if we did it this way for a week or so. So far so good. I am finishing up getting all of her stuff moved in and putting up the curtains today so that it is all set. We've had a lot of moving and reorganizing to do in the lose of our office but it is very much a great step forward.The nursery has less that needs to be done, just getting all the little baby clothes down from the garage and all the accessories that come with an infant, nursing pillows, bath tubs, etc. So much stuff!!! I do love being able to go through everything and get rid of stuff we don't use or need. Thank heavens for DI trailers that come around every three months or so.
Cassidy is growing up... She is such a little jaberwocky. She loves to talk talk talk. It is so cute. Her vocabulary is great. At her 15 month appointment I was asked if she can say 3-5 words besides momma and dadda, oh yeah, probably 15. Plus some that aren't words per se but we know what she means when she makes the sounds. Give her a cell phone or a remote and she'll hold it to her head and really start jabbering. So adorable. I think the cutest are "upee" "cheese" "co-kie" "ba-by" and down comes out "noun-ee".
She is now 31.5 inches tall and about 22 pounds, she wouldn't sit on the scale long enough to get a good measurement. So that puts her in the 80th percentile for height and 20-25th for weight. Her clothes range from 6-9 months (some pants) to 18 months (sleepers) because of the height/weight and cuts. I do love that we don't go through the clothes as quick and she gets lots of use out of them. She loves to walk around the house carrying baskets, purses, and now she likes to carry a blanket. Thankfully it doesn't matter which blanket it is, any will do. She didn't really get mobile with crawling till 12 months and waited till just after 14 to start walking. She does just what I thought she would do, wonder. She'll go from room to room and find something interesting and play with it or carry back to me. She loves being outside and really lets us know when she wants to "go" "out". She'll stand by the door to the garage, holding her blanket, telling us and if we don't "go" "out" she'll sit down and cry or get upset. So cute.
Joe is doing well. Work is work, busy and that is good. We have much to be thankful for in terms of his employment, especially right now.
Next week I'll post pictures.