Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost Over

TLC's What Not To Wear was keeping her entertained and gave her someone with whom to talk. Check out her tongue in the beginning, hilarious!

The alligator

Cassidy, the alligator hunter


I think it's time for VIDEOS!!!! woohoo!! Cassidy has been a lot of fun lately. She's really found her voice as you'll see and hear. That has been a kick. She can get loud and now her cries seem more like demands than ever. Also she's rolled over from her stomach to her back. I think it was more of gravity getting her but oh well. And she's pretty close, I think, to rolling from her back to her stomach. She just needs to get the leg over a little more. Joe bought me a frog, stuffed of course, for my birthday. Of course it's the perfect size and friend for Cassidy, she likes to talk to it. She's also, what Joe calls, more interactive. She'll giggle and sqeal and smile in response to others. It's great.