Friday, June 24, 2011

Too many brushstrokes

Ever seen Amadeus? Too many notes is the original quote. My mother-in-law is an artist and so we sometimes use 'too many brushstrokes' to mean that she's overworked a painting. The funny thing is I typed 'brushstrokes' up above thinking that was the original wording, it wasn't until I mentioned Amadeus that it hit me that he didn't use brushstrokes. Oh the mommy-isms.
What a wonderful day. Beautiful weather. The baby got a good 3-hour morning nap, all the girls are asleep, Joe is out buying ice cream and renting a movie. Oh yeah.
We spent an hour or so this afternoon looking at bath fixtures. We need shower valves for the two bathrooms being done for Monday. This is the 'too many brushstrokes' connection. Too many choices. The girls lost it before we could buy anything. Good thing too because after getting the girls down I went online and found our favorites for loads cheaper. Gotta love Amazon. And with Prime there was no shipping fee to get two day delivery. AWESOME!!! Stinky thing is that the valves aren't included with the fixtures so we still have to buy those, and those can't be here until Tuesday, at least. Unless we can find a local store that carries them. Oh well. What can you do? My brain is still fried from the store shopping and the amazon/internet price finding mission. Next, fans... joy. We already hired a babysitter this week to get and look. Now we need to buy. Too many choices. Not so fun anymore.

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