Friday, December 27, 2013

It's over

     As sad as it is to say, it is nonetheless true, I am grateful that Christmas week is almost over. I realized this year just how crazy busy things are in December and I am not quite a fan. I haven't figured out how to ration out my energy and effort for all the myriad of activities we have.
   We hosted our family Christmas dinner. Thirty-five people, half of which were children under 11. A neighbor correctly commented on how one spends so long cleaning up before the party just to have everything in chaos just minutes later. Why??? It was fun though. My aunt "ordered" a pony for rides and picture taking. It ended up being two ponies and a goat and some other animals. The kids loved it for the short while they were here. I was inside getting things ready so I missed much of it, but the photos were cute. It was kind of nice that everyone left much earlier than expected. In a span of about 20 minutes, everyone was gone, and we could get the kids down not super long after their bedtime. And there wasn't that much of a mess.
   We had my birthday the next day. I had thought it would be nice to go to the temple to see the lights but with the late night, early morning and church, it didn't happen. Maybe it still will, maybe not.
   Then the following weekend family came out, so we went to dinner. The next night was Grandpa's birthday, more family woohoo. More excitement.
   Two days later was Molly's birthday, which I think got the "it's going to be a real informal day" treatment. She was fine and didn't think anything of it. And with almost 70 degree weather we got out to play with friends and Grandpa D. Who stayed the night and was here to experience the joy of 5:40 am wake up call. More family on Christmas day and lots of toys. Lots of  fighting over toys. Did you ever notice the sign of a great gift (with multiple similar aged kids) is fighting over said gift?? No matter what, there is always fighting.
  I love Christmas and this year I really felt the Spirit as I listened to the sacred music of the season. I love that feeling. Next year I will strive to make it more prominent in our home, and not just during Christmas. I also realized that it doesn't need to be Christmas day to celebrate His birth and life and so it's okay to be glad that all the craziness is over. Because it's not the spiritual part I am glad is over, just the chaos.

Again, sleep walking, at least this time Julia stopped at the back door and didn't go out.