Saturday, May 7, 2011

moved out

As I have never really moved I had no idea how difficult it would be, especially with three kids and us not taking everything. We had the elders, one friend, and one other from our ward come help. Thank goodness each showed up. I don't know what we would gave done without each of them. There are things we still need to go back for. We still gave a ton of prep work before construction starts but we are out.
I can tell you this
if we are ever not previously engages with something that can't be missed we will be helping whenever we know someone moving. What an ordeal. What a load of stress. Julia was great yesterday and awful today. She would not stay asleep for mire than two minutes it seemed. I hope things go better when we move back home. At least I'll know to pack a kid bag with food, sippies, utensils, and toys. I was so unaware and so unprepared. Next time...

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