Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Put a fork in me

I am so done. So very done with living in this townhouse-apartment-summer house whatever you want to call it. Thankfully our house is in the home stretch. I told Joe I have three weeks left in me, if that. At that point I need to be out of this place. He called me yesterday and asked about how long until we anticipate being ready to move out. He mentioned six weeks, I cried. There just isn't enough rooms where I can put our three girls for naps, especially Julia. Three days in a row that I have tried for more than two hours to get her to sleep in the morning and haven't succeded until I was able to get the older girls down for the their noon naps. By that time the baby is screaming, the girls are wild, and I am near tears if not in tears.
Cassidy is up... i'll finish later

It's later and all the kids are in bed, whether asleep or not, we shall see.

This afternoon I had to get out of this place. I got the kids in the car and just drove away. I ended up taking us by our "big house"... and there is julia crying. shoot me now please. Just put me out of my misery.