Thursday, April 28, 2011

need diapers??

So I was recently fortunate to find an amazing deal on diapers on, size 4 pampers 176 count for 29.99. I only bought one box because it was in the "used" section. Of course I received a brand new, slightly damaged box of diapers. I should have gone back and bought more at that price, they are now up to 34.99. Well.
If you need size one, oh my goodness. Awesome deal, the ginormous size box, 200 plus for 14.99, no sales tax, no shipping if you buy two or more. The size two box is only 18.99, same about sales tax and shipping. Just go to Amazon and search diapers. The ones on sale are the pampers swaddlers sensitive. Awesome right? If only I didn't already have so many of both those sizes I could justify buying some. But at least I can pass on the deal. Check asap I am sure the deal won't last long.