Monday, December 19, 2011

still sick

Cassidy first got sick the week before Halloween, she has been sick ever since. Then Joe got sick about two weeks later. The others caught it almost a month ago. I finally caught something else about ten days ago. Can I say how sick of being sick/taking care of sick people I am? I need a break. We all need to get healthy and stay well for a little while before the next wave hits. Is that too much too ask? And its only begun. The kids aren't even in school yet. What am I going to do when they are bringing home illnesses left and right? Lately I have been thinking a LOT about our garden. I caught the garden hug. I have already ordered my seeds for this coming year. Crazy. I am so excited to get in the dirt. I found some really motivating books and am ready to go. Maybe having been in that little condo last summer made me appreciate our yard even more. It isn't ideal, not enough sun, but it works for now. In a few years, when the kids are little older we will turn our front yard into a garden (tons of afternoon sun). Even talking about it makes me smile and get antsy. . Julia is crawling up a storm. She can pull up on the furniture, loves to climb over things, and she can go up the stairs by herself. We had to put the gate back up to block off the stairs. She is the happiest little cutie pie. I love when I get slone time with her. The way she rounds her back and snuggles in is so adorable. She is such a delight. . Molly is a little grumpy right now because she's sick but she is a sweet heart. She has this way of canoodling her way on to my lap when I am sitting feeding Julia. All if a sudden there she is, getting into everything. She has the sweetest face and when she'll keep a rubber band or clip in she is so precious. . Have you seen finding memo? Remember the seagulls? Mine. mine. Mine. mine. Well, Cassidy and molly do a mean seagull impression. I have to keep from laughing when they do it. They love each other. When I think of what life would be like if molly wasn't here (if we had waited longer between kids) I think Cassidy would have missed out on so much. Those two squabble sure but they miss each other and love to be together. . Cassidy is so three years old. She loves to tell us how she doesn't want to do what we tell her to do. Oh and the crying. I chalk that up to the illness :S but it's probably just a foreshadowing of things to come. She loves her family and gives such wonderful hugs. I can't believe that she is going to be in sunbeams in two weeks. Crazy. . Christmas is Sunday. Wow. I hope we are better by then.