Friday, August 24, 2012


Our news is... there is no news of which to speak. Little man has decided to become a permanent resident. Friday marks 38 weeks 6 days, that is 13 days more than Molly and 8 more than Julia. And there is little evidence that he's coming soon. But then again I never knew until the day of with each girl. So we will keep you all posted. I know I know, he's not even due yet, it's just the expectation that he would be like his sisters, and we all know the feeling of unmet expectations.
Wednesday night, since he hadn't come and I had to return my dads wallet to him (he left it at our house that day), I decided to go to the temple. What a great choice and I am so glad I went. I left thinking, little man just wanted to go to the temple again. There was the sweetest sister there who made the experience that much more wonderful. The sisters from our ward had come by earlier in the day and shared a Mormon Message from President Uctdorf Continuing in Patience. I needed that, with regards to my kids, my husband, me, and this baby. I also had a gorgeous view of the sun poking out through the clouds as I drove towards the temple. That really spoke peace to my soul. Along with a much needed phone call, it was a day that really helped me on many levels. I am grateful for a Father who is aware of me needs.
Today I felt like I received the blessing for the sacrifice it was (physically speaking) to go to the temple last night. A lady from my ward called and offered to go shopping for me or come watch the kiddos. I choose the latter and went and redeemed a gift certificate for a pedicure. Oh to be pampered. So nice.
We will keep you all posted but it could be a while.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A big girl bed

Little Miss Molly just received a new, big girl bed from grandma and grandpa. It arrived tonight just before bedtime. I think Cassidy was more excited than Molly. We had to take apart the toddler bed in her room to make room; with the crib still up as well as a dresser and chair with ottoman (for me to have a comfy place to sit up there) it was a little too cramped to just add a twin bed to the mix. I think there were more screws in the toddler bed than in the cribs we have, which is three and they are all put together, just in case. Grandma did a good job picking out a fun flowers sheet/comforter set. It has lots of purple in it and yellow to go with Molly's green room, it's perfect.
I am kind of amazed that she is already in a big bed, she's is my Molly and it seems like she is so young. If they hadn't purchased the bed I would have left her in the toddler bed for as long as it fit, but can you really turn down the grandparents when they are willing to buy her a nice bed that will last for years? Nope, so here she is. Oddly though, when I tucked her into it tonight she didn't seem to drown in it like Cassidy did at first. Let's see how long it takes for her to roll out of it. Cassidy has only fallen out of her bed twice, maybe three times in the year that she has been in hers. Molly liked to sleep with her head towards the open end of the toddler bed anyway so maybe she'll be just fine. That's what the good carpet padding is for, right? At some point you have to learn not to roll off, right?
The girls all received a fun new gift from our neighbors today. Our neighbors have grandchildren who have outgrown a chair and table set as well as a little slide, so they asked if our girls would like them. Oh yeah. Our girls love tea parties and such so the chairs and table will get much love. And the little slide will be so fun for the girls to have upstairs in Cassidy's room. I think we will be spending more time upstairs with the new baby coming and they will enjoy another thing to play on. After the neighbor brought it in the living room Cassidy and Molly must have gone up and down it twenty straight times. Julia was weary of going down the slide which is weird because she is just fine with the one we have out back that is just a tiny bit smaller. Oh well. Better a little cautious than dare devil. All of the pieces are painted with a cute garden motif that will go perfect upstairs, or where ever.
I will be 38 weeks Saturday and am ready to not be pregnant anymore. I don't think I am quite ready for the baby to be here but man this last week has been getter a lot more painful. We will keep you updated. Let's hope that he doesn't come Monday (or Sunday or Tuesday, but definitely not Monday).

Monday, August 6, 2012

We've all been there

If you don't talk about what happens in the bathroom with little kids, don't read on...
I just have to write about this because it typifies motherhood, always dealing with other (little) people's bodily excretions. So yesterday while we were doing our thing, waiting for nap time before 1 pm church ( I don't like 1 pm church) Julia found herself unsupervised and found an open door to the bathroom. Joy. She also found that dirty clothes hold a lot of toilet water and make a HUGE mess as they are being shaken from one room to another by a 17 month old. Thanks hon, I needed to super clean our bedroom floor anyway. Then today I bravely took all three girls into the shower with me to wash off after a noon time swim at grandma's house. We find it easier than baths and all the water is contained. So the shower was stopped up to make it more fun and I look down and there are brown things in the water by Julia and she starts to freak out, I mean seriously freak out. She totally lost it and got hysterical. So I cleaned it all up and calmed her down. I don't think I have ever seen her get so hysterical about anything before. I am surprised that she would know to be weary of the pooh, seeing as how we are so far from potty training but she knows. Pooh = nasty. Maybe she'll be more like Cassidy than Molly in that regard. Well, if that wasn't enough for two days, she had one last surprise waiting for me. I got Molly out and dried off, then Julia, and finally Cassidy. Seeing how we do this a few times a weeks, I know enough to not let Julia stay sans diaper too long but today I was too late. She left a puddle for me on the same floor I had to Mr Clean the day before. At least we had towels handy, and at least she didn't slip in it like she almost always does when the floor is wet, with anything.
Isn't it amazing how we are so willing to clean up after our kids. Not that we are grossed out, complain, make comments, and thoroughly loathe doing it, but we still do it, day after day, year after year. I wish that we could play back those moments for our kids when they are teenagers and think all we want to do is ruin their lives. See how much we really do love you??

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Musical Rooms

We made the move... We moved Julia full-time into Cassidy's room. I thought we had better do it now and get them used to each other before little man makes his appearance. The first few days, not so happy Julia but now all is well. Cassidy wakes up loudly so she tends to wake Julia in the morning, but all in all... success. With her up there, all of her stuff went up there too. That once HUGE closet is now full, Julia must have 25 dresses and with the skirts and jackets, her clothes take up over half of the 8 1/2' closet. Plus she has two drawers in Cassidy's dresser and her own little night stand with three drawers of clothes. Shesh. So much clothing. Most are hand me downs that have gone through 4 girls prior to her but there is a good portion that were from Cassidy or Molly. I hope they get more wear.
With all of Julia's stuff upstairs, I brought all of the nursery/new baby stuff downstairs. Wowsers. In the last week alone, we were given four boxes of boy clothes. Thank goodness for hand-me-downs. So little man is pretty set for quite some time. It makes it seems so close to have all the nursing stuff and car seat and Boppy etc down and in the nursery closet.
Molly, oh Molly. She is a silly girl. She is constantly pulling faces and using voices during our conversations. It is quite comical, except when we are trying to be serious with her and she is off in her la-la land. She is doing better about staying in bed at night and naps are hit and miss, but we are gradually making progress. The hardest thing is when she gets up and cries to us that she has to go to the bathroom. She will usually pee but then will say she has to pooh, but most often she just seems to be stalling with that one. I want to encourage her to get out of bed and go to the bathroom but I want her to realize that if she really needs to go, she needs to get in and get out and go back to bed. Aghh. What do you do?
I am about 90% done with little man's blessing "romper" as the pattern calls it. I decided to take apart my old temple dress because it was just too big in the bodice and shoulders and I wanted to get a new one that fit up top but would also fit during the eighth month of pregnancy. I found one and tried it out last night- perfect. So back to the old dress. I thought that it would be neat to use it make blessing outfits for the little guy, so I took out all the seams (that took about four hours) and used the various pieces to make his outfit. It isn't exactly right because some of the instructions didn't make sense even when I asked someone for help, but I think I still made it work and it's cute. And HUGE!! I did the extra small size (0-3 months) but I think even the extra extra small would have been huge as well, it looks like it would fit a six month old. If this little guy is anything like Molly or Julia then he'll be swimming in this outfit. Oh well. I am really pleased that it is going so well. I want it done though and can't wait until Friday to finish it. There is no way that it would get done after he is born so gotta keep pushing through. I will say that I dislike sewing baby sized sleeves. AAAGGGGHHH!!!! Too small. Too tight. Too frustrating. But it will be something that he has that I made. Plus he's been to the temple (inside of me that is) more than the girls so it's kind of neat he gets to keep the dress. :)
That is my disjointed post. 35 1/2 weeks, we'll see how much longer till he comes. Two weeks? Three? Four and a half?!?! I hope not. :)