Monday, February 14, 2011

No great updates, just progress in all areas.

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!! Can you believe February is half over already??
Cassidy is getting better at not saying “no” all the time. She does have her own opinions on just about everything but she can be persuaded to go along with us if we really want to change her mind. She’ll be 2 ½ this week, amazing. I have to remind myself that often when she acts her age. Her verbal skills make me think she’s older. What a delight she is. She loves to try and get Molly to talk; she’ll say “say mama” “say dada” to Molly a lot. Cassidy is right now singing in her crib. We put her down for her nap almost 30 minutes ago but she’s still going strong. We don’t always recognize what she’s saying, but sometimes it’s really obvious, like when she sings “happy birthday”. Potty training is going okay. After talking to our local potty training expert, I think we missed our “magic window of opportunity” with Cassidy. Oh well. It will happen eventually, Joe and I just need patience with her and the mess that naturally comes with potty training. Cassidy loves nursery and talks about it all week. We’ve really enjoyed this last week, the weather has been so nice and we’ve been able to go out and play a lot.
Molly is getting bigger and much more mobile. She’s really interested in getting down and exploring everywhere. That is great, except during church when it can be quite a challenge to get her to sit through a class. Oh well, she’s such a dear that there is always someone offering to walk with her. I’ve heard that our girls have a great reputation at church, that anyone should jump at the opportunity to babysit them. It’s such a relief to know that people are willing to help, especially with the new baby coming soon. We’ve learn a valuable lesson already with Molly, that is not to compare your kids, even as young as Molly and Cassidy they are different. Whereas Cassidy talked early and developed a HUGE vocabulary early, she walked on the later side; and Molly is the opposite, early walker and talking later. She says “ball” and that’s all. She doesn’t appear to have any interest in talking. She won’t mimmick any sound except growling, which is really cute. She just looks at you and then is off and running. It’s quite clear she hears perfectly well and she will follow directions as well as a 13 month old will, she just isn’t into talking.
The next challenge I am dreading is putting those two in the same room to sleep. Joe and I both are of the mind that sharing a room is good for kids and so even though it needs to happen eventually but I am not sure I’m ready to do it. When we move out during construction I am pretty sure we’ll be in a two room townhouse or apartment and so it will be necessary for them to sleep in the same room then. They sleep so well in their own rooms that I hate to disrupt that. If anyone has experience with this please share with me your thoughts.
Joe is doing well, though he seems to be getting all the colds that are going around. He’s trying to get over something right now. He was able to get a few days of snow boarding in this winter which he enjoyed. Work is going well. He just got a new phone, a smart phone so he’s enjoying leaning all its capabilities.
The house project is going well. Our plans are just being checked over by the city and then we can pull permits. We should be starting construction in April or May, just depends on the weather and the contractor. I am so excited.
Lastly, I am doing pretty well. My body is tired and I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. Only a few weeks to go before chaos starts but that’s okay; it’s always hardest before it gets easier. This baby is quite active which is fun. Sometimes I get really painful cramps that feel like a runner’s side cramp, when those happen I think “thank goodness for epidurals”. Sometimes I think, oh I could do this without one again, then the cramps start and I think, “thank goodness I don’t have to”. But as with everything, this too shall pass, YEAH!!!

Oh yeah, and thank you whoever it was. We appreciate your generousity. We will be doing a better job of updating our blog, on a weekly basis, at least.