Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what can you do?

Its March 22, Julias due date. And what am I doing? I am hoping, with little reason to hope really, that she'll go back to sleep Before 5 am. You see, I have never seen a two week old who is so alert from 11 pm to 5 am. Its unreal. Its like clockwork to. She won't stay awake during the day, even when I try to feed her but she's all bright eyed from 11 to 5. The nut. The last two nights she would only go to sleep once I put her on the couch in my arm and fell asleep myself. To say the least I am dying of lack of sleep during the day. Tonight as soon as the girls were in bed, dinner done, and Julia was fed and down I went to bed. That was 7pm. I felt like an idiot. No time for Joe or me but I needed a little sleep before our nightly wake fest started. And "sleep when your baby sleeps" doesn't work so well with two other kids, each with a different nap schedule. Oh the sacrifices parents make.
You learn a lot about yourself when you are tired. Like just how selfish and impatient you really are, and how far you have to go to become Christlike. Its a good thing he was so good even when He was tired.


Merilee said...

Oh December, I SO feel for you!!! For the first 5 or 6 weeks of Ashilene's life, she was convinced that midnight to 5am was fussy awake time. I thought I was going to DIE and I didn't have 2 other toddlers to be taking care of!!! Then miraculously sometime between her 5th & 6th week, she finally started to get some sleep during the wee hours of the morning, so there is hope. For your sake, I hope Julia gets things figured out BEFORE her 5th or 6th week. Hang in there! I totally know what you mean about realizing how far you have to go to become more Christlike when you are tired. I do NOT do well at all when I don't get enough sleep.:(

Stacy said...

You may have already tried these, but here's a few tricks that worked for us to keep Reese awake during the day:
*Baths (never fails)
*Blowing on her belly, HARD
*TV (if you can get her eyes to catch it the overstimulating lights will wake her up, only don't do it for more than a minute because they can also get them wired)

Good luck!