Thursday, September 6, 2012

just arrived

Our little guy finally decided to join this house of fun; he took his time but we are grateful he's here. Saturday was his official due date and he waited until Sunday morning. I woke up around 2 am with a lot of discomfort but was never sure if it was just my normal pains or if I really was in labor. But we went to the hospital around 8 am and after checking in and getting the paper work done and finally getting the IV in, I was already at a 4 or 5. That was around 9 am, I think. Progress stalled a little once I got the epidural but considering the other option, no epidural, the extra hour was just fine with me. I could still feel some discomfort with the contractions but it was so nice to not feel every thing. Just before 1 pm the nurse said I was at a 9 and almost ready. She stepped out of the room and I them got a nice long contraction that was piggy backed with one that didn't stop until I called the nurse back in. The sensation was weird, like my belly was going to rip open at my belly button. As the contraction continued the point of pressure dropped lower and lower. I wondered if my doctor was going to make it back into the room in time. She had yet to deliver one of the girls so I thought it would be ironic if she missed this one too even though we were all there. But she made it and everything was ready just as the feeling to push came through the epidural. One really long push and his head was out. The doctor had to cut the cord because it was a little tight around his neck, then one more to deliver the shoulders and body. Compared to the last two deliveries, this one was "more work" though it was still quite easy. My body gets it done really well.
Little man was 7 pounds 14.8 ounces and get this, 22 1/2 inches long. No wonder that despite all the room he had in my belly I was still feeling him well under my ribs. He looked so perfect. As usual, we didn't give him a name until the next day, after seeing him and feeling out his spirit, We both felt that he should be called Sean, meaning God is gracious, Joseph. So that is our little man Sean Joseph. He has been his own person ever since. Very different from his sisters, even at four days.
The girls are taking well to him so far. Cassidy of course wants to hold him all the time. She always wants to kiss or touch him. Molly likes him but isn't too interested in him most of the time, thankfully. She refers to him as "baby brother." Julia is so cute about Sean, when she sees him she says "see, see" and then we say Sean and she says "sean", it is really cute.