Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun times

Well, I couldn't quite make the one-post-a-month goal, and it's only been a month and a half. Oh well. Life is more important. So this will be quick with lots of little snippits of news.

1. We are expecting Baby Lotz #3 in March!! Joe announced it in church last week so I guess I can post it now. This is the hardest pregnancy so far. Lots of nausea. Extremely tired much of the day. But we are excited. Maybe a boy? Another little girl? We'll just make sure to stay in town after 36 weeks.
2. Cassidy is 2 now. Crazy. Such a sweet heart. Love her to pieces.
3. Molly is mobile. She's fully crawling and loves her freedom. She has two teeth and LOVES big people food. What a doll. Her little voice is so precious.
4. We are actively working with our architect towards the plans for the second floor. Crazy to think that we'll have a new baby in March and then start the second floor soon thereafter.
5. Joe is a champion fisherman. He went night fishing with some buddies last week and caught a 8 pound bass!!!!!! The fish was huge, well is huge, it's still swimming around Berryessa. Catch and release.

6. We are almost caught up with our family history temple work. Since last August we've completed work for around 100 family members. So excited to get the work done.
Anything else important? Pictures. Hummm... maybe next time.