Friday, August 24, 2012


Our news is... there is no news of which to speak. Little man has decided to become a permanent resident. Friday marks 38 weeks 6 days, that is 13 days more than Molly and 8 more than Julia. And there is little evidence that he's coming soon. But then again I never knew until the day of with each girl. So we will keep you all posted. I know I know, he's not even due yet, it's just the expectation that he would be like his sisters, and we all know the feeling of unmet expectations.
Wednesday night, since he hadn't come and I had to return my dads wallet to him (he left it at our house that day), I decided to go to the temple. What a great choice and I am so glad I went. I left thinking, little man just wanted to go to the temple again. There was the sweetest sister there who made the experience that much more wonderful. The sisters from our ward had come by earlier in the day and shared a Mormon Message from President Uctdorf Continuing in Patience. I needed that, with regards to my kids, my husband, me, and this baby. I also had a gorgeous view of the sun poking out through the clouds as I drove towards the temple. That really spoke peace to my soul. Along with a much needed phone call, it was a day that really helped me on many levels. I am grateful for a Father who is aware of me needs.
Today I felt like I received the blessing for the sacrifice it was (physically speaking) to go to the temple last night. A lady from my ward called and offered to go shopping for me or come watch the kiddos. I choose the latter and went and redeemed a gift certificate for a pedicure. Oh to be pampered. So nice.
We will keep you all posted but it could be a while.