Thursday, February 20, 2014

What was I thinking??

   Six months ago Cassidy and Molly had their dentist appointments and Joe took them and set their next appointments. Back then my dad was coming over every Wednesday and so the appointments were for a Wednesday so that he could watch the other two kids at home. Well, a few months ago he switched to coming on Thursdays. Fast forward to yesterday, Wednesday. Two dentist appointments, four kids, and no babysitter lined up. What to do? Take all four kids. Oh I prayed that it would go well.
And I am so grateful that the worst thing was a leaky pee diaper from Seany that couldn't get changed till we were all done. The girls did remarkable. Instead of Cassidy and Molly having their teeth cleaned, Cassidy, Julia, AND Molly all had their teeth cleaned and all received great reports. While Molly was a hard sale until a new toothbrush was on the line, Julia was all ready to hop up and open wide. Too keep the non-patients occupied we brought books, etch-a-sketches, sippees, and even a balloon for Sean. Too bad I didn't bring an extra diaper in from the car. :)