Sunday, September 1, 2013

What have I done in five years??

I can't believe that Cassidy is now five years old. Five years can not have gone by already. And yet there are three more kids after her so of course it has been five, only five in fact. Part of me wonders what have I done in those five years. Then the other part of my brain shouts "Hello!! you have FOUR kids, that's what. Four pregnancies, four bouts of nursing, four happy children who love each other, me, their dad, and everything else. I think you have been busy." I love that we have decided not to send her off to kindergarten yet. I love having her here and I love getting more time with her. Once she's gone she will only be gone for more and more hours of the day. She's too great to let go yet. We are doing December's version of  homeschooling thing. She doesn't have to be in school till 6 years old per our state, so there is no requirement for her yet. We are focusing on being a productive family member through home economics courses, reading, and religious studies (i.e. scripture reading and discussions). Plus whatever comes up in our daily lives. Not too formal but definitely what feels like the best thing for us right now. We are also continuing with Joy School with Cassidy and Molly so there is even more stuff. Isn't there always so much to do?? Way more than there is time to do it in. So big lesson for me right now is how to prioritize my daily to do list with musts- shoulds- would be nices- and if onlys. Thank you handy white board for making that so much easier.

Our first trip to the beach with kids since Cassidy was 2months old.       

Tomorrow Sean will be ONE!! Oh my where did the time go?? He is into everything and even though he isn't walking (oh, darn) he is quite the climber. We have a little wooden slide in our family room. It's about two feet high to the platform. Sean has mastered climbing up the slide as well as the two steps. It's quite a kick to watch him go up the slide. He just learned how to slide down on his belly so now there isn't as much of him fussing on the platform once he's up there. He is super quick crawling and loves his momma. Such a momma's boy. Especially at church it seems. At home there are plenty of toys to play with and sisters to evade but I always manage to get to church without a toy for him. I need to get some in our bag. This boy will be a talker like Cassidy and Julia I think. He loves to jabber and really acts as if he is holding a conversation with you. He turns and makes faces and really is intent. I would love to know what it is he is trying to communicate. He can put up a fight to knock your socks off, and does, often, especially with his sisters. Oh and do not take his cup from him, even if it is just to turn it the right way, he will flip out. I always said "At one year then I am done nursing." But seeing as how I never made it to one year (always pregnant long before then) I never had to implement that thought. Well I don't think that I am ready to stop, nor do I think he is quite done. Oh darn. I think we will keep going for a while and see how long it lasts. I love that time with him and it's only a few times a day and it is our time. Plus I don't have to buy whole milk quite yet. Extra antibodies, more mommy time, it's all good.