Sunday, June 16, 2013


We have been having fun in the last two months. We finally went on vacation, the first time since last July. It was much needed and as usual, over too soon. As usual we went up to the cabin and enjoyed being away from the city and people and really had some fun times. At the mill pond there was a junior fishing day held the Saturday we were there (what great luck!!). Joe took Cassidy down for it and she received a pole and bait and tackle. She even caught three keepers that we ate. They were yummy. Monday I think it was, Joe took the three girls down to the mill pond again and helped them all fish. Each had her own way, Molly liked to play with the fish once she reeled them in. Cassidy would yank them out of the water (which meant that some had to become dinner). Julia would freak out once she reeled the fish in close to the water line. I had to give major props to Joe for taking them all out at once. We enjoyed playing whiffle ball and were surprised at Cassidy's hand-eye-bat coordination. After we came home we pulled the t-ball stand out of storage and just need to get some balls and a bat and let her go for it. She was pretty good.
   With the hot weather we have gotten some time in the pool and after two months of lessons (probably 12 in total) Cassidy is doing better with swimming. We "Make", well encourage her to take her vest off for part of her time in the pool and she does pretty well. We need to increase the non-vest time to strengthen her. Julia now has her own little tube that goes around her waist. She LOVES it and the freedom. Today she was even putting her face in the water on her own initiative. When she would do it, she looked like she was dead in the water, just floating. Oh man, it was hilarious. She would then pop up and laugh and then do it again. As much as I hate having the girls reliant on the vests, it really is the only way to let them all get in the pool at the same time. There is no way I could have them all in at the same time. They have such a blast and it is worth the effort to wean them from them.
    I find it interesting that I go in streaks where I get a lot done of certain things. Right now it's going to the temple and reading. When I feed Sean I read (that means 2-3 hours a day) and I have read some really awesome and some really fascinating books in the last 6 weeks. The trade off is that some of the house work isn't getting done, but oh well. I can live with it. I feel more satisfies as a person and that is more important right now. I've read about a young girl from China, the Comanches, the love languages, after death experiences, Jesus, etc. I had been reading Les Mis and then had to take it back to the library before I was done. When I am done with my current book I will get it again. It was amazing, just really really long (and too many words about convents, that really slowed me down). I wasn't going to watch the recent movie but I broke down and started it. I turned it off after and 15 minutes. In comparison to the details and the story of the book it stuck and it was getting more adult than I wanted. Should have listened to myself in the first place. Awesome book. Highly recommend it.
   Today in church the primary got up to sing to the dads. Both Cassidy and Molly were supposed to go up and they did. But it was so cute when Cassidy came back and got Julia to go up there too. She just stood in the nook of the front and looked cute. Cassidy got Molly to go up last year at one of the programs, but at that time Molly came back midway and sat back with us. Oh the adventures of primary singing in sacrament meetings.