Tuesday, September 27, 2011

indoor plumbing... when size matters

Eight o'clock at night is not the best time to start a plumbing project, a soldering plumbing project mind you, in the bathroom next to your sleeping one and three year olds. We learned the almost hard way. We didn't stop until after 1100 and were not even done. Five compression valves and two shower trims beat us until this morning. We had to shut off the water while we worked so it was a race against time to finish. But alas, the toilet upstairs is installed (tonight's project), the showers up and downstairs now are operable, though there are no shower doors upstairs yet, and the sinks are ready to be connected upstairs, except the vanity isn't done. Not bad for six hours of work for two people. The biggest issue was that we cut the pipes and bolts too short to make our work easy. Better to start off too long than to start too short.
How many projects do you have going?? I have started at least five and I hardly have time to progress with any. I have to remind myself not to start anything else because I just don't have time. I want so badly to finish the roman shade I started for our dining room, alas I have sewn one seam and finally picked a lining. The bench, well I have sanded parts and have dismantled it. It still needs more sanding and to be stained and sealed. The girls' scrapbooks have not been touched since December I think. At least I have photos printed already. The photos of ancestors need to be taken, printed, laminated and copied to group sheets. Etc ... I find that I spend most of my children in bed hours doing house work that didn't get done while the kids were awake. With every picture frame that is put out I feel like our house is closer to being the homey place I would like. I just would like a little more time to do more.
I am sorry if this sounded like a complaining post. It wasn't supposed to be. I am so glad we got so much done in the bathrooms in the last two days. Sometimes I would just like to feel like I completed something instead of just progressing on it. But there will always be more to add to the to do list right?
I had fun watching the older girls play in about an inch of water in the barely inflated baby pool today. They were having a blast. And how molly would run over to me so that I could squirt her with the water as I washed off our patio. Julia loves the girls. Those two make her laugh something fierce. I love watching Cassidy dance around and humm. And she calls molly "molly manomi" instead of molly Naomi and calls Julia "bajulia". But when Joe called cass "Cassidy shelackalacka lots" instead of Cassidy Shea she got serious and said "that's not my name". Those girls are dolls. I love them.

Monday, September 26, 2011

sick and it's 100 outside

All the girls ended up with a cold last week. The cranky runny nose type. What fun. Cassidy first then the other two joined on Friday, right in time for daddy to be gone fishing overnight. We stayed home yesterday from church, the lots girls that is while daddy went. The nursery would definitely have said No Thank You to them. I hate missing church, even for legit reasons like sick kids. At least I had women's conference Saturday night. Wasn't it awesome!!! Hello segue way to the higher law of visiting teaching. I have had the best vter ever, merlieee, and some not so great ones. I have been good and not so good at being a vter. I will do better. I have had the best vter who was really the vtee, Anne. Many examples to help me know better how to be better.
So little miss Julia is talking up a storm these days. My bet... She will be a talker like Cassidy. Hut you never know till after right? Oh and there is molly awake. Speaking of awake miss Cassidy made a couple appearances last night, at 130 and 500 am, she wanted to play. Hmmm no. Its time to Sleep. Its getting old. She's been doing this for a number of days now. Awwwwwwww. Whatdo I do?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Cassidy turned three a couple of weeks ago. We had a party for her at our house. Lots of kids and their parents. It was so nice to see everyone.
Ever since it seems like we have been busy, but at home. Lots of people have dropped by to see the house and we have had a bunch of play dates. So nice after practically nothing at the little house.
Julia is sleeping much better. Ten to 12 hours a night, getting up only one time. Up from eight hours at the little house. She is learning to fall asleep in her own, yeah
She is six months now, crazy flying time. I started her on oatmeal cereal, she loves it. From the first bite she has been awesome. Oops I was going to buy some squash tonight, maybe I'll make her carrots tomorrow.
House is coming along. The two bathrooms are still in progress. Can't wait till they are done. The granite for one is in our garage. It would be good to get that in asap.
I was able to pull out my cute clothes today. All the pre kid clothes that I haven't been able to wear much in the last three and a half years. Because we don't plan on talking about baby #4 until next spring or summer it is nice to know i will be able to wear them for more than a month or two, like before with Molly and Julia.
Joe had his over night fishing trip with buddies last week. He's been sick ever since. Yucky.
I guess i should go to bed. Its 1120 and i always regret the next day when i stay up late, even if i am enjoying me time.