Saturday, October 4, 2008


Have you ever done something out of anger and then felt like the biggest idiot afterwards and knew that you couldn't pray hard enough to get the clock to turn back and take back the action? I have.

I don't even remember which day it happened, only that it was between 14 and 21 days ago, and in the middle of the night. I can vaguely remember the moment now. I didn't even remember doing it until yesterday while I was wondering the aisles at Target.
I got so mad at Joe one night at 2 am that I threw something valuable, and small, across the room, something I would never, in my right mind, ever risk losing, my wedding ring. After putting Cassidy back to sleep that night and going to sleep I forgot about my precious ring until weeks later. I couldn't even remember which room I was in or where I threw it. I searched and searched, Joe searched and searched. I prayed and prayed. Yesterday and today I kept looking in the same spot over and over because it felt like the right spot. After conference I came home and looked again, I was tipping over furniture and looking under things, exactly what I had done numerous times before. Then I heard a knock at the door and as I got up off the floor I saw it, my ring. Where it came from I do not know. Which nook it fell out of I do not know. All I knew was there it was, I had it back.

What lessons have I learned? Prayers are answered as we continue to act in faith to answer the prayers. Actions performed in anger usually don't turn out well and usually become regrets. Never trifle with things or people that are valuable to you, you might not get it, them, back. When I thought that I might not find my ring again I was mostly upset that I had "lost" it in a moment of anger and that I could have avoided the whole heartache.

What's my point it posting this? 1) Prayers work- say them. 2) Don't do things in anger that you wouldn't otherwise do. 3) When you're sleep deprived your memory is not good, so be careful. 4) Don't do what I did.