Thursday, July 22, 2010

Going wireless

We are officially going wireless. And going back to the stoneage, BI, before internet. We are getting rid of internet service today (if I can make it to the service center with the girls that is, or it may be tomorrow). I am THRILLED!! I have really enjoyed having the world (wide web) at my fingers these last 6 months but it really is a web and you can get stuck in it. So it is going away. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! One less useless thing to clear out of the house. I already made my bucket list yesterday, well started to anyhow, of all the things I'd like to get done by the end of the year. I am so excited because I KNOW I have time to actually get it all done, and loads more, now that I am extricating myself from this web of mostly useless, temporal fluff.
I will have access to the web at my in-laws' and father's house so you can expect at least one post a month, with pictures.