Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Cassidy turned three a couple of weeks ago. We had a party for her at our house. Lots of kids and their parents. It was so nice to see everyone.
Ever since it seems like we have been busy, but at home. Lots of people have dropped by to see the house and we have had a bunch of play dates. So nice after practically nothing at the little house.
Julia is sleeping much better. Ten to 12 hours a night, getting up only one time. Up from eight hours at the little house. She is learning to fall asleep in her own, yeah
She is six months now, crazy flying time. I started her on oatmeal cereal, she loves it. From the first bite she has been awesome. Oops I was going to buy some squash tonight, maybe I'll make her carrots tomorrow.
House is coming along. The two bathrooms are still in progress. Can't wait till they are done. The granite for one is in our garage. It would be good to get that in asap.
I was able to pull out my cute clothes today. All the pre kid clothes that I haven't been able to wear much in the last three and a half years. Because we don't plan on talking about baby #4 until next spring or summer it is nice to know i will be able to wear them for more than a month or two, like before with Molly and Julia.
Joe had his over night fishing trip with buddies last week. He's been sick ever since. Yucky.
I guess i should go to bed. Its 1120 and i always regret the next day when i stay up late, even if i am enjoying me time.

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Anonymous said...

It is great to read your post. It is also good news to read that Julia is sleeping much better. That means that you are getting more sleep and are better rested. As she eats more she will be calmer.