Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun stuff

This is Molly on April 19th. Isn't she getting so big? She is really starting to stand well and likes to sit up on our laps. So cute.

This is Cassidy and her friend Ella (Cassidy calls her "A-ya", so funny) from April 12. Cassidy started bouncing then Ella started bouncing. Don't you love the roll off the step? Cassidy asked for Ella for the next 3 days. It was really cute.

So Joe and I are moving ahead with some projects at home. The first is a little picket fence in our back yard to keep the kiddies out of the garden area. So far we've sunk the posts and primed the pickets. We are waiting on the lumber to dry enough to cut and make the stringers to which we will attach the pickets. I'd love to get that project done before we plant our "garden". All our plants are sitting on our patio table and are waiting to get in the ground. Hopefully it'll all be done by May 1st. That is my goal. What day is May 1st? Well, by the end of next week, whatever the date my be.
The BIG project we have just decided to undertake is... add a second story to our house. Crazy, we've talked about it now and then ever since we got married. Well, with the economy down and just two kids at home we thought the time is right. So first we have to design what we want and then get a structural engineer to tell us what we need to do to the house and foundation to be able to add the second story. That and all the needed structural reinforcing (as well as the guest bath remodel) will be this year's project. That and getting all the permits and the city stuff done. Next spring and summer we will rip off the roof over the area where the second floor will be and then add the floor joists, do the framing, drywall, yadda yadda yadda. I'm already picking paint colors and fixtures for the bathroom. In total I think we are going to try to add about 800 square feet, it'll be 3 large bedrooms, a large closet for storage (our house has almost NO storage), a bathroom and the stair case obviously.
I know it will be nuts and crazy but I am SOOOO excited at the prospect of more room. We have the smallest house model in our subdivision but we will probably end up having the largest family (cross our fingers) so obviously we need more room.
So I am going to post a slide show of the progress of all our house projects. There may be long stretches without updates but bear with us. Hopefully by next summer the picture of our house from the front will look much different.