Wednesday, May 13, 2015

it's PT time again, oh joy

There is a stage in every child's development that requires parents to prepare for, prepare more for, and then some. Potty training. Aagghhh. It's the only thing I think that rivals the sleep deprovation for awfulness. And we are doing it for the fourth time. I am so grateful to my in-laws who had talked about taking the three older girls with them to their cabin. I so jumped on that, potty train a kid and not have the antics of three other kids. WONDERFUL idea. So today was day #1. Our resident potty training expert's advice in hands and we started after a nice 2 hour semi-nap. There were lots of accidents. But without the girls there were no freak outs. Not even when he pooped in his panties (yes, they are panties, with three older girls they just are) within the first TEN minutes of putting on the panties. AGGHH. Oh well. He did much better in the afternoon after having peed out most of the liquids from the morning. Oh the over share. Sorry.
Tomorrow will be day #2, obviously. Here's to hoping that it is at least as good :) as today. Want to know his reward for peeing on the potty? Croutons!! Hilarious. Cheap, not much sugar, and he LOVES them.

I also started back at the gym. After Sean was born I started going but experienced knee pain which took months to resolve, and there went my resolve. But I am back. Twice last week, twice already this week, with the plan on twice more this week. It's great. When I was in college studying Athletic Training, students were required to take 10 phys ed classes. How awesome. No need to go to the gym and no excuse to not go to the gym because your grade is on the line. I got in the best shape of my life during my last year in school and that really helped leading into having five babies in six years. Now it is time to get strong again. As nice as it will be to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight, I am most excited about getting strong and firm and energized again and regaining the desire to run around and roller blade and do physical things. I felt like a tightness was lifted once I started moving again. What a great way to spend 75 minutes in the evening. Doing something that will benefit me AND my family. It's great. It's also wonderful to get away from the house, seeing as we don't always leave this address everyday. Especially with potty training now in force.

So for mother's day, our ward did the See's chocolate thing, the decorated cookie thing (that is eaten by the child anyhow), the awesome cards with the B&W 5X7 of the child (thanks Carol, they are GORGEOUS),  but the men in charge of primary added a super keeper. My kids, minus #2 Molly are at  40 seconds Julia, 49 seconds Cassidy (mini me), and 56 seconds Sean. Isn't it awesome??
Mother's Day video
I had a tear or two in my eyes when I first saw it. Love it. Keep it.