Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a

This summer I wanted to be able to get us out of the house on a regular basis and take the girls to do something interesting. My dad had brought up a number of times the idea to go to the zoo, it's only two exits up the freeway from his house. So I looked into the cost, expensive to do a one day trip, like $50 with parking, but not bad to buy a season pass, $125 for three adults and up to four children and parking, plus ride coupons and a free one-day pass for two adults and two kids. I thought that would work for us and my dad could also be named so that the girls and I could go with Grandpa D during the day when Joe works.
We have gone three times now, twice with my dad and last week I actually ventured to the zoo with the three girls all by my six-and-a-half month pregnant self. We have really enjoyed seeing the various animals. I was right in thinking that the zoo is something even our 15 month old could get into, Julia enjoys seeing the animals as much as the other two. In fact on our first visit we stopped at the first animal area and were greeted by a monkey that swung through the trees right in front of us and proceeded to hang there with his legs folded, it was quite cute. And then he did as a monkey does, peed and pooped, right in front of us. The girls giggled and I tried to move us on a little. Oh well. That is nature, right?
As we left the zoo after our second visit, we saw a hill side of goats. There must have been a thousand of them, grazing the hillside as living lawn mowers for fire prevention I am sure. Cassidy really liked them.

Here are some cute pictures of them from our first two trips.

Never a dry moment

Back in December I started potty training Molly but when Joe and the girls all got sick for weeks on end I was too tired to really put in the effort needed so I gave up. I had been putting it off even since then. About a month and a half ago Molly woke in the morning completely dry so I figured she was physically ready to try again. It has gone so much better than I had hoped, even back in December. There have been accident but not too horrible. But it seems that both girls tend to have accidents more at Joe’s parents’ home than anywhere else, for whatever reason. A week or so ago we were over there for the afternoon and Molly had an accident right on the corner of their area rug, she created the 6th great lake. So we cleaned it up and cleaned her up. After swimming and showering off we were back inside and playing with dominoes and Molly comes and sits in my lap. … And has an accident, while in my lap. I was more than stunned, I didn’t want to move too much because it was kind of staying in my lap and not seeping down on the same aforementioned area rug. As my mother-in-law was getting rags to clean me and the rug up we failed to keep an eye on Julia who saw the can of soda my mother-in-law had been drinking, grabbed it, and tried to drink it herself. Most of it ended up on the same area rug and on her dress. So we had the 7th and 8th great lakes to clean up, at least it was diet soda, right? Oh the fun.
I am so grateful that we are now down to just diapers at night for Cassidy and Molly, and half the mornings Molly wakes up dry. Three in diapers isn’t so bad in that light. Maybe we will be down to one by the time the new baby comes. Either way, we are way ahead of where we were two months ago. 
Note: I originally wrote this about two weeks ago. We have regressed a little and aren't as dry as we once were. Oh well right? 

Cake Odyssey

In April Joe volunteered us to bring a dessert to the YM/YW chili dinner/auction. So I decided to make a carrot cake from a recipe my dad gave me. It’s a yummy yummy recipe using fresh ginger. I started it in the afternoon while the two youngest were napping. Cassidy is quite enough to try and allow help by herself.  So everything was going well until it was time to un-pan the cakes.  Both layers failed to completely detach from the pans and came out in two pieces. I knew right away that this was going to be quite a “fun” experience so I grabbed my camera and took a picture. After cooling and making the frosting I tried to stack the layers. Our wall oven is slightly tilted forward because the counter tiles get in the way of it fitting level. Of course I thought I had rotated them to account for this (even though I had tried to level them by shaving them flat) and of course I miscalculated and the high sides stacked on top of each other so the cake was a little less then perfectly level. Oh well. I put on a crumb coat, refridgerated it and then did the final coat. I even came up with a cute carrot design; nothing requiring too much creativity or skill, I have neither, but I was more than satisfied. So I took another photo. Well, prior to leaving to the auction, I was descending from upstairs when I heard the two older girls quickly getting out of the fridge and Cassidy making a comment about the cake. I came into the kitchen to find them having taken a chunk out of the side of the cake. Ohhhhh, I wasn’t happy, so I took another picture. Then I had the decision to make, blow off the auction (they had TOO many deserts as it was) or come up with a fix. I decided to make it a “diet cake” and only take half of it (half the calories of a whole cake).  After frosting the cut side I took another picture. I think it turned out rather cute. I figured that there might be a couple who would like the smaller portion. Bonus that we got to eat half of the cake, it was yummy.