Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun days... usually

Ever since Cassidy was really little she liked to stand, it was difficult to get her to bend her hips to sit. Couple that with the fact that she isn't too keen about being on her stomach, though we tortured her anyway with tummy time. Those two facts lead me to think that she would definitely walk before she crawled. She's been cruising for a few weeks now. She's still fairly tipsy and when she wobbles too much she gets nervous and tentative and will only move if I offer her my hand. (She takes after me in the tentativeness department) She loves to go for walks if you take her hands. The knees don't really bend much when she's walking so she kind of looks like a soldier. This only further strengthened my hypothesis about the skipping crawling and going straight to walking. Well, I may have to admit my error on this one thing.
On Thursday Joe was listening to a message on speakerphone and Cassidy really wanted his phone. Being on her stomach, she grabbed the carpet fibers and pulled herself forward. Instead of using her knees she used the tips of her toes to help her move. It was really cute. And she goes at an angle. We've put her down to practice everyday but she still only goes about two feet before she's done. But she's getting it. Once she can get herself places she'll be more content I think. Not that she's not content but it must be frustrated to see something you want and not be able to get it yourself.
In the midst of all this new movement I have found that I really like the couch, as in laying on the couch, with a pillow and a blanket. I usually get to take a nap during at least one of Cassidy's daily naps. After feeding her and putting her down for a nap a wave of exhaustion usually overtakes me and I am out like a light. I am continually grateful that she naps so well and so often because I couldn't make it through the days otherwise. Couple that with the from-the-moment-I-get-up-to-the-moment-I-go-to-bed nausea I am not the most interactive mommy at the moment, or wife for that matter. Poor Joe (and Cassidy) But as it did while pregnant with Cassidy, this too shall pass, hopefully sooner this time. And yes, I am pregnant!!! Woo hoo. We are super excited. This time I am not finding out the sex so from now on the new baby will be called "the baby". The baby will be arriving in early January so this experience will be different from Cassidy who was a "full third trimester during the heat of summer" baby. Yeah about that difference. What else to say? Really excited! Already stockpiling diapers and wipes, making room change decisions, etc. Can't wait...