Monday, June 20, 2011


So what is up with the weather?? It rained during the first few days of June and now it's in the 90s. Craziness.

What is happening with us. I am getting more accustomed to a small condo. Julia still is the victim of too few rooms but is being nice and giving me sporadic nights where she sleeps all night. I actually got two in a row this weekend. Very nice indeed. Molly is a little spitfire. She loves to climb on the kitchen table and look at herself in the mirror we have hanging on the dining room wall. She still isn't saying a whole lot but she loves to jabber more and more. She does know the word 'more' and is good at using it when she wants more food. Molly loves the pool and had been walking right off the edge up until this last weekend. My mother-in-law bought the girls flotation vests and for some reason Molly has mellowed out since she's been using hers. Its wonderful. Cassidy used to hang out on the steps in the pool but now that she has her vest she will actually let go of us and kick herself around the pool. It's amazing how fast she changed. Those vests were a great purchase. Thank goodness for pools and air conditioning.

Our house is coming along. The upstairs framing is done. The roof tresses are up. The plywood is up along the roof and second story. Joe said the guys were prepping for the drywall inside the upstairs today. This week the roof and foundation get done. It actually looks like a real house now.

Molly goes to nursery officially this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She so needs it. I've been in there with her the last couple of weeks. That was so much easier than staying in the halls with her running around. She'll do just fine there I am sure. There are 13 kids in nursery I believe, lots of buddies to play with, including Cassidy.

What else? I can't wait to move back home. I miss having my own yard, and a room for each girl, and just space, and our neighbors.

A little explanation about this one. I had fed Molly half of a yogurt and then gave her the remaining yogurt to feed herself. She started out eating it with a spoon, then started using her hand to eat it, then she decided to put it in her hair. I let her go at it for a few minutes before I took her for an impromptu bath. Banana yogurt stinks... yuck.


Merilee said...

How exciting to see such great progress being made on your house! That is fantastic that Molly will finally be old enough for Nursery. Ashilene loves Nursery! I love that pic of Joe holding little Julia. Precious.:)

The Chipmans said...
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The Chipmans said...

Don't daddies with their little girls just make your heart melt? Congrats on your house, it is looking great!

Diana said...

The house looks awesome! And Yay for Molly going to nursery. We are starting to get to the point in church where the babies are not just sitting nicely, it all goes downhill from least until they're big enough for nursery! And whenever I'm having a bad day, I just think about you with YOUR three girls in those tiny condos...oh man, I can not imagine that condo with three kids. I bet you will appreciate your *new* home 10 times more once it's all done! We miss you guys!!!!