Thursday, August 16, 2012

A big girl bed

Little Miss Molly just received a new, big girl bed from grandma and grandpa. It arrived tonight just before bedtime. I think Cassidy was more excited than Molly. We had to take apart the toddler bed in her room to make room; with the crib still up as well as a dresser and chair with ottoman (for me to have a comfy place to sit up there) it was a little too cramped to just add a twin bed to the mix. I think there were more screws in the toddler bed than in the cribs we have, which is three and they are all put together, just in case. Grandma did a good job picking out a fun flowers sheet/comforter set. It has lots of purple in it and yellow to go with Molly's green room, it's perfect.
I am kind of amazed that she is already in a big bed, she's is my Molly and it seems like she is so young. If they hadn't purchased the bed I would have left her in the toddler bed for as long as it fit, but can you really turn down the grandparents when they are willing to buy her a nice bed that will last for years? Nope, so here she is. Oddly though, when I tucked her into it tonight she didn't seem to drown in it like Cassidy did at first. Let's see how long it takes for her to roll out of it. Cassidy has only fallen out of her bed twice, maybe three times in the year that she has been in hers. Molly liked to sleep with her head towards the open end of the toddler bed anyway so maybe she'll be just fine. That's what the good carpet padding is for, right? At some point you have to learn not to roll off, right?
The girls all received a fun new gift from our neighbors today. Our neighbors have grandchildren who have outgrown a chair and table set as well as a little slide, so they asked if our girls would like them. Oh yeah. Our girls love tea parties and such so the chairs and table will get much love. And the little slide will be so fun for the girls to have upstairs in Cassidy's room. I think we will be spending more time upstairs with the new baby coming and they will enjoy another thing to play on. After the neighbor brought it in the living room Cassidy and Molly must have gone up and down it twenty straight times. Julia was weary of going down the slide which is weird because she is just fine with the one we have out back that is just a tiny bit smaller. Oh well. Better a little cautious than dare devil. All of the pieces are painted with a cute garden motif that will go perfect upstairs, or where ever.
I will be 38 weeks Saturday and am ready to not be pregnant anymore. I don't think I am quite ready for the baby to be here but man this last week has been getter a lot more painful. We will keep you updated. Let's hope that he doesn't come Monday (or Sunday or Tuesday, but definitely not Monday).