Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Half way there, hopefully more

      So maybe it's time to write this out in plain English. Not that I've been hiding it exactly but I kinda have been sometimes. We are expecting baby #6 in early March (I am hoping for mid to late February). It's a girl. I think it's the girl I thought was coming when I was pregnant with Zachary. I can still hide it if I'm wearing a jacket and I do sometimes. There are just times when I don't feel like talking about it with people I don't know super well. That's usually when I am taking multiple kids to the park for soccer or baseball or whatever. As we had general conference and then stake conference the following week and I think it was during those weeks when I really started showing as pregnant and not just putting on weight, there are still people at church who are learning I am pregnant, 21 weeks pregnant. I vacillate between being really excited to meet this little one and snuggle and hold and enjoy little baby and feeling like I am looking into the abyss. We all know what a newborn brings, sleepless nights, endless crying, nursing every two hours EVERY two hours, etc. As fun as newborns are, they aren't that fun at times and to have the other five, the oldest being eight, I am a little afraid. But it will all work out in the end. I heard this at Time Out For Women and it feels appropriate, "This too shall pass... like a kidney stone" Yup. That says it all.