Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Put a fork in me

I am so done. So very done with living in this townhouse-apartment-summer house whatever you want to call it. Thankfully our house is in the home stretch. I told Joe I have three weeks left in me, if that. At that point I need to be out of this place. He called me yesterday and asked about how long until we anticipate being ready to move out. He mentioned six weeks, I cried. There just isn't enough rooms where I can put our three girls for naps, especially Julia. Three days in a row that I have tried for more than two hours to get her to sleep in the morning and haven't succeded until I was able to get the older girls down for the their noon naps. By that time the baby is screaming, the girls are wild, and I am near tears if not in tears.
Cassidy is up... i'll finish later

It's later and all the kids are in bed, whether asleep or not, we shall see.

This afternoon I had to get out of this place. I got the kids in the car and just drove away. I ended up taking us by our "big house"... and there is julia crying. shoot me now please. Just put me out of my misery.


Diana said...

Oh man, I can totally feel your pain. When we found out we were pregnant I was like, ok maybe we can live here for a while...then when it was twins, no way. Those apartments are just too small. I will pray for a miracle and that the workers can speed up the process because I can only imagine your pain.

Anonymous said...

Dear December:

Thank you for the post. The stresses of motherhood with multiple little ones can seem overwhelming at times. My prayers are with you. It will get better and you will not be stressed beyond your ability to manage. It was a good idea to just get out of your small space for a short while as a change of scenery. Regretfully for poor Mom that Julia was fussy. Many supporting prayers and thoughts are with you. Please keep faith.

EMILY - JOHN - JOHN JR. said...

I wish I was there and I had a huge house you could escape too!!! Thinking of you Dee...and you are always welcome here to escape...hey if it gets to bad you could always go up to the cabin!!:) Love you guys!!