Monday, August 6, 2012

We've all been there

If you don't talk about what happens in the bathroom with little kids, don't read on...
I just have to write about this because it typifies motherhood, always dealing with other (little) people's bodily excretions. So yesterday while we were doing our thing, waiting for nap time before 1 pm church ( I don't like 1 pm church) Julia found herself unsupervised and found an open door to the bathroom. Joy. She also found that dirty clothes hold a lot of toilet water and make a HUGE mess as they are being shaken from one room to another by a 17 month old. Thanks hon, I needed to super clean our bedroom floor anyway. Then today I bravely took all three girls into the shower with me to wash off after a noon time swim at grandma's house. We find it easier than baths and all the water is contained. So the shower was stopped up to make it more fun and I look down and there are brown things in the water by Julia and she starts to freak out, I mean seriously freak out. She totally lost it and got hysterical. So I cleaned it all up and calmed her down. I don't think I have ever seen her get so hysterical about anything before. I am surprised that she would know to be weary of the pooh, seeing as how we are so far from potty training but she knows. Pooh = nasty. Maybe she'll be more like Cassidy than Molly in that regard. Well, if that wasn't enough for two days, she had one last surprise waiting for me. I got Molly out and dried off, then Julia, and finally Cassidy. Seeing how we do this a few times a weeks, I know enough to not let Julia stay sans diaper too long but today I was too late. She left a puddle for me on the same floor I had to Mr Clean the day before. At least we had towels handy, and at least she didn't slip in it like she almost always does when the floor is wet, with anything.
Isn't it amazing how we are so willing to clean up after our kids. Not that we are grossed out, complain, make comments, and thoroughly loathe doing it, but we still do it, day after day, year after year. I wish that we could play back those moments for our kids when they are teenagers and think all we want to do is ruin their lives. See how much we really do love you??