Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo Inequality

The other day I was going through the photos on my computer, trying to pick out images to print for the girls' scrapbooks. You know what I noticed? I take comparatively few photos of my Molly. Poor little one had so few photos. She is so wonderful, so mellow, so sweet, so content, so everything you'd want in a baby and I have barely captured it on 'film' for her to see when she gets older and to reminder me when she gets older. I have to be so much better about catching her in moments of pure joy. She brings us so much joy. Everyone comments on her disposition, how wonderful she is. What a blessing to have her in our family. Here are some cute pictures of Molly.

Sunday we had our friends over for dinner one last time before they move closer to family. We are going to miss them so much. We were so excited when they moved into our ward late last year. Diana and Ryan are our Settlers buddies. Ella is Cassidy's best friend. The two of them are so cute together. We are going to miss them but wish them well in Utah. We are going to miss seeing the new babies. Here's a few pics of the girls.

Craziness. We all know that siblings are different but sometimes it still catches you off guard when it manifests itself in little ones. Cassidy didn't crawl until almost a year old, but Molly looks like she'll be off and crawling any day now. Here's a video from the first day she got on her knees, June 29, and from last week, July 6th.