Thursday, July 11, 2013

July fun

We have a mobile baby. I don't think I was ever overly anxious that any of the children walked or crawled super early. It's kind of nice when they stay where you put them, especially when there are other children to run after. Sean entered the land of the mobile last week, yeah a week ago today and man he is getting around quick. He's still a little tipsy while crawling so every so often he eats it and crashes on his face. That's the other reason I somewhat dread the mobility. They fall and get hurt. He currently has a bruise on his check, not quite sure where that came from, but probably from crashing to the floor. He also now is cruising around along the furniture. Cooking is going to be fun with him going along the cabinets, grabbing me, then moving back to the cabinets.
He has always been a momma's boy and is even more so now. Last week we went on vacation (so nice) and the in-laws came too. Good thing. Sean woke on Friday(?) with a 103 temp. and all he wanted to do was have me hold him. All. Day. Long. He would take naps constantly and whimper. It was really sad and pathetic. I secretly loved it though. Who doesn't like to snuggle with a cute baby? When there are three other adults to take the other three kids that is. Saturday the temp was 102 and Sunday about 101. And the Monday he got a rash. Any guesses?? Roseola. It took until Tuesday for me to figure it out, I was never freaked but it's always nice to know why your baby is burning up. So no biggee. Neither Cassidy nor Molly got such high temps and I don't recall Julia ever even having Roseola so I am not surprised I didn't recognize it right away. The funny thing is that Sean was born about 2 weeks after Cassidy (calendar wise) and they both had Roseola over July 4th. When Cass had it we stayed home instead of going on vacation with the in-laws and other family.
I don't know if it was because of not feeling well or it's just him, but Sean can SCREAM. Oh and it's bad. It's the drive-you-up-the-wall ear peircing, nerve rattling, brain throbbing, glass shattering kind. Can you get the picture? I got it on video today just to record it. He did it All. Day. Yesterday. I finally had to step away from the baby. But he's such a cutie and is so adorable. As I was nursing him this afternoon I had a primary song on and just had one of those moments that a mother lives for. You look into their eyes and just feel the love. Loved it.
Joe and I got to catch the fireworks show while we were gone. It was awesome, one of the best I've seen. We were away from the crowds and it was just us two, and we were got to ride the bikes home holding hands. So nice. Date night with fireworks. It will be awhile before the girls go with us. So Loud. I had to cover my ears for the last 15 minutes of it. It would freak them out, plus it's 3 hours after their bedtime. They can watch it on TV.
I threw a photo in of Molly asleep on the bathroom floor. That is the litmus test for a truly sick kid. This is the second or third time that she has woken up and had a stomach issue and vomited for no apparent reason. I think the reason is not eating dinner the night before. Sounds weird but that was the case the last time too. I dunno, but she's good by noon, thankfully. It is so sweet in a  sad way.
The other pictures are from the vacation and the county fair. The girls look too cute to be driving. We have 12 years to go.