Monday, February 2, 2009

Beware of the exersaucer

if you don't talk about poopy diapers you might not want to continue reading this post.

Cassidy is finally big enough to use the exersaucer that has graced our living room floor since July (we don't have anywhere else to store it). She had a long nap today and then a bath and I thought, it's 2 pm I think I should have breakfast now. Yup, all I'd had all day was a Dr Pepper I bought while grocery shopping while waiting for the pharmacy to fill a prescription for Cassidy. Nystatin for a nice yeast infection in the neck fold due to all the teething drooling. Back to the story, I figured I'd put her in the exersaucer and get breakfast-lunch made. I got sidetracked and ended up outside pulling weeds. Ask Joe, this is a very common ocurrance, start one task and get sidetracked doing something completely unrelated. If you read doctor's opinions of these great time-finders-for-parents, they usually say 10-15 minutes at a time. So 25 minutes later (I could hear her the whole time talking and babbling) I come in and she wants to get out. So I pick her up and whoof, stinky baby. So I take her back for a diaper change. You have to understand something about Cassidy, she's a once a day or every other day stinky diaper baby. Great for us, but not today. All the pressure of the her being seated for that long after emptying two days worth meant that it had no where to go but up, and out, and through. Oh yes, the worst blowout to date. Add the fact that she's started some solids and yup, nasty pants, onesie, and shirt. Extrication was impossible without spreading the mess. Keeping her hands off the spreading mess and then not touching anything? Nie to impossible. It was on her arms and back and legs and the lap pad we use to protect the changing pad cover, it was on the changing pad cover, and on the wall where she likes to hit while being changed. Gross gross gross. So into the shower we went, I wanted to feel clean too. And then while I was trying to get a diaper on her she decided to pee on herself. B-e-au-tiful.
So what's my point? Beware of the exersaucer if it's been a day since the last stinky diaper. Just wait.

PS I thought about taking pictures, but I figured anyone with kids would know what I'm talking about and those without don't need the visual.