Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a cutie!!

I never did post any pictures of little Cassidy from Halloween, we didn't go trick or treating but we did dress her up in her pumpkin jumper and hat and went to Grandma and Grandpa's. They have life size wood cut outs of Frankenstein and a witch. I will have to post those pictures later as I have to scan them first. But here is Cassidy all cute.
She is doing so well. We have started "training" her to sleep. One night at 4 in the morning, I was trying to put her to bed after nursing her and after my third failed attempt I couldn't take it any more. I remembered that she would fall asleep after about 15 minutes of tummy time (and screaming because she doesn't like tummy time) so I thought well than let's see if she'll go to sleep on her own if I just put her in her crib. It worked. She cried for about 10 minutes then fell asleep. The next night I would put her in her crib whether she was asleep or not after feeding her. She would whimper for a few minutes then fall asleep. Yeah. The fourth night Joe got brave and put her down for the night completely awake and not in a good mood if I must be truthful. But after about 20 minutes asleep she was. Last night was even easier. She is really getting the hang of it, or so it seems right now. Crib=sleep. No going in after she's down unless she hasn't nursed on both sides and she's still crying after 20 minutes.
I thought I would do that until she was 3 months (in 8 days) before I started trying it with naps. But today I tried it. We were doing a little grocery shopping and she looked tired. She had been awake for about an hour and a half but was looking like it was time to sleep again. So we got home, I wrapped her in a blanket and put her in her crib. She whimpered for about 5 minutes, that was 30 minutes ago.
I am glad that we waited to really "train" her till we could see that she was capable of calming herself down and falling asleep. In the past if we put her down she would cry and cry and cry and work herself up so we kept waiting. And I think we hit the nail on the head in terms of timing. And get this. When she goes down at night, between 8-9 she'll be down for 11-13 hours in total, only getting up to eat 2 times!! Talk about a good night!! Woo hoo.
Sorry to always be talking about Cassidy sleeping. It seems like that has been the biggest "problem" or thing that we have. She eats great, always has, she loves to be outside and go for walks, she gets bored with being in one spot or not being able to look around. I am sure that most new parents would put dealing with the sleep interruptions as one of the top "things" that most be figured out with a new baby. So they, you, understand, where I am coming from.
What else is new? Joe and I celebrate our second anniversary this month!! Woohoo!! We've been together for 4 years now, crazy how time flies. Throw in a baby and it really gets moving. We are getting our yard and garden ready for winter. Lots of onions and garlic and maybe even some beans and lettuce, I don't have a green thumb for lettuces. We are using up the last of our summer garden items. We still have bushes of tomatoes, peppers, and zucchini. There are a number of baby watermelon still on the vine but there is no way those will mature. Darn. Next year we'll have tons (I hope). How nice it's been to be able to make homemade soups and stews and breads using the stuff from our garden. That is one good thing about having a yard that is virtually full sun EVERYWHERE, lots of veggie and fruit plants like the sun. I'm already planning for the next summer harvest because those seeds get started in January. Early start means early harvest! I love having a garden, except for the weeds.