Thursday, December 20, 2012

divine positioning

So I truely believe that Heavenly Father at times helps "align the stars" or orchestrates situations to help us achieve our (His) purposes or goals. It all started Sunday, I had the opportunity to talk with another young mom in my ward while we both had to nurse. She mentioned that she and three other moms in our ward are doing Joy School preschool together,. Now this is the second year and second group that has done a joy school, and I never heard anything about it till months into it. Secretly I was a little hurt to never have been included or invited, but... oh well. I moved on. Then in the evening I visited some family members I haven't seen I was pregnant with Julia. They threw a little shower for Sean. Well my great aunt put some copies of Desseret News in a bag for me. Still on Sunday I made some preliminary goals for 2013, including engaging the girls in more structured play and learning. I also made a trip to the temple last night for the 8 pm session. Such an amazing experience very many reasons, one of my best EVER!!
Fast forward to this morning. In one Desseret News was an article by Richard and Linda Eyre (creators of Joy School) about large families. They talked of doing the Oprah show about their Values Parenting book. Well it all intrigued me, and gave a little info about Joy School. I have never heard much about JS except that a lot of members did it. I didn't know that members created it etc... Well i got online today and looked at the site... and signed up right then. The more I read on the site the more I am grateful for "finding" it. It is what I need, what the girls need, and what our family needs.
So Cassidy starts Kindergarten in September and will only get one semester of JS but Molly will 2 1/2 years, I am excited. It may just be our girls unless others want to join but regardless, it will be fun as a family to do together.
I am absolutely amazed at how much is available for members. Monthly lessons, themes, there are awesome articles to read. I wish someone would have clued me in a few years ago. I did not know enough to know what to ask. Now I do. Even without Joy School, the site is worth becoming a member. Check it out. If you like it, join, promo code lotzd.