Saturday, May 14, 2011


Here are some recent photos.
These first ones are from Julia's blessing day. My mother-in-law made her dress and bonnet. She did a wonderful job. I think that the series of photos are pretty accurate about life with three under three. Good luck getting them all to hold still and smile at the same time.

This is a cute video of the girls. They are such fun, usually.

Our neighbor gave Cassidy her daughter's bicycle helmet. Cassidy did not want to take it off for days. Same with her bathing suit top, she called it her sun suit. So cute.

Mother's Day was fun. We had dinner at my in-laws, the girls had fun playing in the water fountain, and I didn't have to cook. Lovely.
We are adjusting to our new summer place. I should look at it like we are on vacation for the next few months. I have the girls playing musical rooms for sleeping. Molly takes her nap and goes to bed at night in a pack-n-play in our room. Cassidy sleeps in her crib in the other room. Once it is dark outside and the girls have been sleeping a while at night, we move Molly into her crib in the same room with Cassidy. After the first night when it took the girls over two hours to go to sleep and the second night took almost an hour, I made the executive decision that they could not go down for bed in the same room. This way they both get more sleep. Poor Julia gets what ever is left, upstairs or downstairs, in a pack-n-play or on our bed. I feel for her. I have always been big on sleep for the girls and it is just so much harder to get her the sleep she needs than it was for the other girls. Partly because of the two older girls and partly because we don't have a good spot that she can go whenever she does go to sleep.
We signed a contract with a contractor we both really like. It is only, at this point, to get the exterior done and up to the texture on the interior. He has it in the contract that it should take about eight weeks!! Wouldn't that be amazing??? We will probably hire him to complete everything, so I am hoping for the end of July, beginning of August for us to move back in. That would be so awesome. There is another house in our sub-division that is in the process of adding a second story. I notice the framing this week. Because we've been back to the house almost everyday I've been able to see the progress. It's amazing how quickly that part precedes. I am excited to see it on our house.
Julia is a smiler. I love it when she sees me and breaks out into a huge smile. It is so wonderful to know that she knows me and is happy to see me.
Here are some more photos. Enjoy.