Thursday, October 16, 2014

bells and whistles... well maybe just bells

This last Sunday a lady in our ward asked me if I might be interested in being in the Christmas bell choir this year. Background, last year was the first year that I even LIKED the bell choir at Christmas, before that, it seemed to be the whole of the Christmas program and I just detested that. But last year I felt the Spirit as soon as the music started, it was the perfect balance of Christmas and bells and Christ. So I jumped at the chance to participate this year.
 Tonight was my first practice, the rest of the group has been practicing a few weeks already. I was a little nervous as I have never played handbells before, but I know music so... It was a BLAST!! Just what I need right now. Here Joe, here's the bay, here's a bottle, the other kids are in bed. I get to be me. I participated in band and orchestra every year but one from fourth grade until my senior year. I love music, I love playing music. I really feel like Heavenly Father gave me this as a chance to be December again, not just mom and wife, but also a person in my own right. I can't wait till next week's practice.