Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Watching the good

I don't know why I never thought about it before but I just realized in the last few weeks that there are probably a lot of worth watching shows on BYUtv that are on the BYUtv website. We all know of the trash on tv station websites but why not good, uplifting, make you feel better for watching types of shows as well? After talking to my father about my grandmother purchasing a volume of the Joseph Smith Papers as well as some of the television series, I made the connection to the BYUtv website and lo and behold, there it was/is. I have been watching the Joseph Smith Papers episodes in order for the last couple of weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed learning more, I almost feel like I am taking a religion class from the best the church has to offer. I am so grateful to have found something that I can feel good about and relax after long days with. I am now Seeing the Good more often, thanks

Home at last

We arrived home yesterday. I can't believe that a week went by so quickly. My body sure noticed that week though; the almost 5 hour trip out wasn't that bad, but oh, did I hurt last night and even this morning from the same trip back. We were fortunate that despite leaving at 2 and not getting to Truckee till 330, we didn't hit any traffic on 80 or 5 and made it home in 4.5 hours. Good job driving honey.
I had originally written the following last Saturday but obviously didn't get it posted till tonight, so all the days mentioned are from last week.

I knew that there were a few things I wanted to mention last night…
  Fun words - I am all about teaching the girls to pronounce words correctly but sometimes there are a few words that I allow the girls to mispronounce until they correct themselves. Cassidy used to say “fling-a-moes” instead of flamingos. At first I couldn’t even pronounce how she would say it but I miss that little quirk. At one point she learned how to say flamingo correctly and then went back to saying flingamo, but of course she now says flamingo. I wish I would have taped her saying flingamo. Molly has two right now that Joe and I LOVE. She says “sir-bup” instead of “syrup” and “juh-bob” instead of “good job”. There are a lot of other words that don’t quite come out right or we just can’t understand but we let those two slide and even play along with them. She will figure them out soon enough.
  Yesterday morning Cassidy and Molly came into the kitchen area carrying toys and a hat. Molly said she wanted to share with me what was in the hat but Cassidy told her not to, so of course I wanted to know what was in the hat. I asked Molly what was in the hat and she said chocolate. I found two Reese’s peanut butter cups, two Milky Ways, and a Snickers bar; they were all fun size mind you but still… Where on earth did they get the chocolate? As it turns out the day before, I fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes and Cassidy climbed up on the counter and got into the chocolate jar and stashed some in a box in her closet for later. It also explained what was around her mouth when she came in and woke us up yesterday morning; I thought it could be chocolate but I thought there was no way that she could chocolate because I had put up the jar after I found Cassidy in it after I woke up. So after I confiscated the chocolate and asked if there was more, nope, and then I asked for any wrappers, three. Cassidy had snuck eight chocolate bars, sneaky smart girl. Reminded me of the brown sugar episode, a few months back.
  This morning, Joe got up with Cassidy and let me stay in bed a little while. He said by the time that he came down he couldn’t find her. Eventually he found her hiding in a cabinet in the kitchen with the bag of Goldfish crackers. I am starting to see a pattern here.
  This afternoon, Joe and I took the three girls down to the creek behind us. We hadn’t been down there more than five minutes when Joe pulls a little fish out of the water with his bare hands. It was dead, but most have died super recently because rigamortis hadn’t set it and it still flopped like a live fish. For some reason Cassidy really liked the fish and wanted to hold it, and did until I finally made her throw it down the creek because it had started to smell, about twenty minutes. She held onto it like it was something important and kept taunting Molly and me with it, she would put it down in the rocks while she would play in the water and then she’d pick it up and continue to play with and hold it. At one point she held it so close to her mouth that I thought she was going to bite it, on the head. Yuck.  
  While the older girls were playing in the creek Julia was fussing a lot, mostly because she was tired because Molly woke her up from her nap. I wasn’t able to console her so Joe took her and she just played koala (I love it when she does that). After about ten minutes, she was out. It was so adorable to look over at Joe in his swim trunks holding a sleeping Julia. He was even able to keep her asleep while he hiked up to the house, got the girls to the house despite all the dirt, and got the two girls showered and dressed. Juh-bob Joe!!!!

After note: The day following the chocolate incident Joe found TWO more wrappers in Cassidy’s room. I guess she had even more hidden than we realized.

Good job

Molly has created a unique way of saying good job, by pronouncing it "Gu Bob."  It is one of the little things I have let slide.  I like it too much too correct her.  Daddies get some indulgences, right?