Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We have had a wonderful week of weather. It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and also our anniversary. I can't believe that we are 2/3 done with November and the weather has allowed us to get outside and play each afternoon. Today I took Molly and Julia for some runs done the street in their Radio Flyer wagon. Sean was sleeping so we had to stay close. They loved being out there are gong down the driveway and down the block. Our neighbors (8 and 4) were also out doing the same thing. I love our neighbors. Yesterday we were out with those neighbors as well as the three girls across the street playing four square. Cassidy didn't really get it, Molly was off in her own world and Julia had fun with the little ball she found. I love that if the neighbors are out, it's just a big party with all the kids. Did I mention that I love our neighbors?
Yesterday we had to have one of Joe's coworkers come by to deal with our plumbing. Three little girls have been putting too much toilet paper down the toilet. Nearly every other day we have to plunge them. Thankfully there hasn't been toys or valuables put down the toilets, but TP can give you problems enough. They snaked the line but since we couldn't find the clean out outside I fear the problem is not solved. Agh. Where is that clean out? I think we are going to start rationing the TP in the bathrooms. What is the attraction to toilets???? I don't get it?
Oh and yesterday Julia found the dry cat food on our neighbors' porch. She ate some and liked it! How come she'll eat that but then won't eat my chicken noodle soup? Or she'll eat dirt by the handful but not dinner sometimes? I don't get it.
Sean is on the verge of laughing. He makes noises but they aren't quite laughs. But he is so close. He gets the biggest smile sometimes and it just melts my heart. It's funny that sometimes when I go in to get him in the morning and he's wailing I will pick him up and he'll calm down until I put him down to change him when he starts wailing again. But then when I get his diaper off he starts smiling his huge smile. He loves to have his diaper changed. Today was a weird day for him. It is almost 9 pm and he is still sleeping from the nap he started at about  2:30 this afternoon!! Crazy. He must think it's night time. I hope that doesn't portend a rough night to come. He has been clock work lately during the night but is only taking one super long (four hours) nap during the day.

Here are some recent photos.