Thursday, October 20, 2011


Cassidy is now in a big girl bed. She finally earned it and the duvet cover finally arrived in the mail and so she has progressed. So cute to see her wearing the jammies that match the duvet cover, she kind of blends in. I even broke down her crib and put it in the storage room until Molly needs it. It all seems so big girlish now. She and the rest of the senior nursery will be singing I am a Child of God in the primary program in a couple of weeks. Craziness.
molly is starting to talk a lot more. She sounds a little muffled like she was hearing underwater but it is a start. She is letting me put clips in her hair and she will keep them in throughout the day. She looks so cute with her hair pulled back from her face. What a dear heart.
Julia cut her first tooth Tuesday. She started inch worming on Wednesday. And she is a pro at sitting. She is talking up a storm. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I am nervous about the teeth thing. This is the first time I have nursed a baby with teeth. With Cassidy and Molly they were weaned before they got teeth. She is getting into the go go go phase. She wants me to hold her but always squirming around trying to spy the girls.
Joe is doing a lot of fishing lately. He is in a bass club and is liking it. We are almost done with the house. Finally. I need to upload photos.
I was called into nursery last week. We have 17, soon to be 19, in nursery. Usually 15 or so are there. Fifteen makes three seem much easier.


Diana said...

Thanks for the comment, it makes me feel better that I am not the only one with three in diapers! And 19 in nursery??? That's huge! There must be new people inthe ward, how fun to have so many kids (except for the nursery leaders!)

Diana said...
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