Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's vacation time!!!

We are going on vacation!! For the first time since last August. It's hard to believe that it has been 11 months since we have gotten away from town but with all that has been going on it kind of just happened. I am so excited to be going away just as a family this time, I don't remember when that last happened either. We will get to decide what works for us and not worry about disturbing anyone else or accommodating someone else's not-so-early/hectic schedule.e get up early, we (the girls) go to bed early, and we can take up as much of the room as needed so that everyone is comfortable (and sleeping). I have been trying to get us gone for three months now but something always came up and now with the baby coming in probably 6 weeks, it's do or die, and we are DOING!!!!

The garden that was (not) to be

Last December when I was thinking of what I wanted for my birthday I was so excited to put in a garden this summer, all I wanted was seeds. I went through a couple catalogs and founds some fun looking varieties of melons and lettuces etc. Joe and I had decided that we weren't going to talk about getting pregnant until summer so I was really pumped to have an awesome garden. Well, the seeds came in the mail the week after Christmas, just in time to find out we were surprise pregnant. That kind of put a little damper on the garden, but when the first trimester fun hit, we were sunk. Seeds did get started, a lot late and fairly neglected. Then we spent a few weeks preparing the garden area (last summer the garden didn't happen due to construction so we had a lot of work to do, and the weeds...). But it just wasn't going to happen this year. I started a second flat of seeds about April (?) and they are still in the flat waiting to be planted. I can tell that those new varieties haven't survived, darn.
The weird part is that in May or so we noticed little plants coming up in our large garden bed. They have steadily grown since then and we have since discovered what they are, cherry and yellow plum tomatoes and butternut squash and pumpkins. So thanks to our compost pile that never got hot enough to kill the seeds, we now have a plethora of squash and tomatoes, just not the most desired varieties. Those not so little plants are the only thing keeping me interested in even trying to get our little starts in the ground, but that won't happen till next week because....