Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We are a girl house, no doubt. Last night we celebrated the Lotz family anniversaries all together. So much fun to see cousins, especially when the older cousins pass on dress up clothes. Up till now there has been no dress up stuff, though you'd never know it with Cassidy seeming to always come out of her room in a new dress. Well these new clothes are princess with a capital pm tulle skirts, crowns, sceptors, princess heeled shoes... Cassidy was in heaven. I'll have to upload pictures later. Molly had fun at first with a dress then was done with it. But she loved the shoes and the wand. At one point Cassidy was trying to get the pointy hat with tulle hanging from the point to stay on molly's head. App I could do was laugh. Molly only had the hat, shoes, and a diaper one. All I could think was troll, allbeit a very cute garden gnome. Gnome, not troll. Wrong creature. the girls are going to enjoy those dresses. Cassidy kept carrying the spare pairs on shoes around. On the wand. Too funny. Julia is getting to be a little cutie, capital c. What a doll. Seriously. I love that girl. She does this warthog face sometimes and breathes in and out of her nose loudly. So funny. She'll make the sweetest faces. I call her my spider monkey. Sometimes when j go to pick her up she'll get get legs all ready to wrap around me. I love her snuggles. Molly decided to sit in a square (maybe 6 inch) Tupperware today. Surprised she fit. Again, only wearing a diaper. Then she decided to practice toga and do downward dog, with her head in the aforementioned Tupperware. Hilarious. She's having sleeping issues:/ the last two nights. Little one wakes up and cries and cries. I comfort her but she does it again. In fact no one wanted to sleep tonight. They must have known I was trying to get out to see daddy play stake basketball at 7. He made two or three shots tonight:D Oh and there is one know. Crazy bow they just have nights. we are all healthy and that is such a blessing. the last two weeks at church I have been the only nursery leader. I am the only nursery leader now. The primary pres is trying to get volunteers to fill in until someone is called and accepts. It is way hard to fill that position. It seems like no one wants to do it. The ones who seem like they would do week are already in other positions. We only have 11 right now, only. But it's better than 21 like in December. I love the kids. I saw one at basketball tonight. So adorable. I don't get much out of church these days though, with having to leave Sacrament mtg to nurse Julia before nursery. But I do love those little tykes. Cassidy is not taking real well to her sunbeams class. It surprises me because usually she has no problem going places or being with other kids. She knows the teachers and kids but has a rough time going. That will change though, eventually.