Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little update

Where did January go? I know I didn't sleep through it. Anyway. Just a quick update.
Molly had, has, her first cold. A lovely runny/stuffy nose courtesy of Cassidy. She's doing well though. Thank heavens for the bulb syringe. She is up to 7 pounds, or was as of last Thursday. We were worried about her weight gain because it took 3 weeks to get back up to birth weight. I shouldn't still be worried, but I'm a mom.
Cassidy is loving having a little live doll that she can grab and love. She no longer cries when Molly does and seems to ignore it. She is talking up a storm and is the cutest thing EVER. So funny and full of life.
I scheduled Molly's 2 month and Cassidy's 18 month appointments today, they get to go in at the same time. Thanks Dr. W. One trip instead of two, but two kids getting shots instead of one, no fun. Lots of treats for Cassidy that day. Lots of Mommy for Molly that day.
Joe has had to help out a couple of nights this week with Molly. I don't know how single parents do it. When I get to that breaking point I can ask him to help and thankfully he is there to help.
I got out of the house today. With the break in the rain, which has been torrential at times, we escaped and visited some school friends. The hills are bright green. My spirits were definitely lifted, until I had to come home. Tomorrow we get to go visiting teaching twice and then visit my dad and sister. YEAH!!! Love the rain, and love the sunny days in the midst of the rainy days.