Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All this craziness

Joe and I have discussed for as long as I can remember the fact that we want a big family. That ultimately means room enough for all of them. We know that one day we'll most likely add a second story to our home. And a minivan. That would be necessary with the coming of a third child. Even though that is at least a year and a half away, Joe was ready for one sooner as opposed to later. Safety reasons he cited. So in the last month or two of thinking about it I have actually become really excited about the idea of the minivan. I have done countless comparisons and have narrowed it done to two, most likely. The only thing I hadn't done was get my car posted for sale. After Joe asked me again what I had done to sell it, nothing, I got ambitious last night and posted it on two sites as well as craigslist.
So I opened my email this morning and WHOOSH... interest galore. I guess the price was right. So after lots of emails I had set up some viewings. My Wednesday afternoon guy called me up this afternoon and asked if he could come today. They arrived at 7 pm and after I run down on the defects, a peak under the bonnet, and a test drive we shook hands, took a picture, signed a few papers, and handed over the keys. Don't forget about counting the money. And there it went, down the driveway and to a new home. I am now carless.
Joe was in shock. I did it. Almost all by myself. Now we have to buy something. No dragging our feet. Crazy how quickly it all happened.

Honda Odyssey or Kia Sedona? They have the best safety ratings. What do you think? Oh yeah... it will be RED!!!!