Friday, August 12, 2011

there's no place like home

We just signed our little house away. Thank goodness we never have to go back again. We are 100% moved out and maybe 50% moved in but that is wonderful. Right now I am sitting at the top of the stairs with Julia making sure that Cassidy stays in her room and out of molly's crib. At the ripe old age of three years minus one week she was finally learned how to climb out of a crib. Joy. So now we get to learn how to stay on your own bed. Item number one on tomorrow's list of to do is put her door knob on. Today was the door, tomorrow the knob. Sitting here looking down the upstairs hall , oops there's the crib escape artist now... Let the cries for potty and milk begin... Next the screaming... Oh the joys of parenthood. I can't believe we moved out on may 11 and moved back in August 11. Three months and 840 square feet later. My sanity is a little shaken, some days I barely survived, some nights I wanted to (and did) scream, but here we are with room for us now and to grow. Some nights I seriously, well not so seriously, questioned my desire to have more kids. The stress of not having enough room Nnd trying to not disturb the little boy that slept on the same wall as Julia, never being able to have a schedule... Hopefully its over now. We are home, at long last. I love our 'new' house.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breaking out

It's set, we move out of this cage on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then go to the cabin for a few days then... WE MOVE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. Beyond words. Our house will be about 90% done when we move in. A few things will get done in the coming months that are mandatory for the final inspection and a few things will wait till next year. In truth we have hit the end of the money and so as to not finance more than the absolute minimum we are delaying stuff till we get more dinero. A nice benefit? Having to think of better, less expensive solutions for "issues" or options that come up. Like... curtains on the girls' closets instead of doors (have you seen how much fun it is for a 2 year to slam the bi-pass doors against the wall?). $25 curtains instead of $150 blinds, for each girl's window. It would be nice to have everything done before moving in, but hey that is homeowner-ship, it's never ALL done, ever.