Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fun stuff

We have been having a little fun around here.
  Cassidy started swim lessons last week. It was such an impromptu thing. We got signed up the week before and got the last spot for April lessons. She is in a class of five, though only four get in the pool without screaming. She loves it and has to be reminded not to let go of the wall and touch the bottom of the pool (4 ft deep) all by herself. She doesn't mind going under water but she is no where near swimming on her own. No biggee. I just wanted her to get away from using the swim vest. She loves it.
  A tender mercy for sure. I was inspired to start potty training Julia 12 days ago. She is now telling us when she needs to go and using the Dora seat on the big toilet and refuses to go on the potty seat. She was dry throughout church on Sunday even though I took her the the bathroom three or four times. She's 50/50 on being dry during naps and about 40% with pooping on the toilet. It has been a HUGE blessing that I needed. It's been her, all the way. I am so thankful for that thought (I was in the temple when it came) that said "You should potty train Julia". I think we only had to get out the green machine out two maybe three times. Amazing. Thank you thank you thank you. I didn't have it in me for a fight.
  Sean has two teeth and is now sitting fairly well. This has all happened in the last week and a half. He and Molly also have a cold. Poor little guy. I weighed him at seven months and he was about 17 pounds, YEAH!!!! So again impromptu- no more night feedings. That has been rough. He's about 50% sleeping through the night. That boy can SCREAM!!!! Oh can he scream and he does, day or night and at night its really bad.
  I think I had mentioned Cassidy sleep walking? Well Joe found her a few weeks ago in her open doorway asleep on the floor. Hilarious. No more incidents since then.
  Molly is so observant. She told my mother-in-law that Elder Packard (our area authority, not President Boyd K Packard) looks like her brother. He really did too. He was here a few weeks ago with Elder Jeffery R Holland. She picks on things. Oh funny thing, she took a nap yesterday (was it yesterday or maybe a few days ago). Well I went in to get her and she was asleep in the little brown leather chair in Cassidy's room. It was so cute to see her getting up from it.

Here they are, those little cute kid.