Thursday, November 29, 2012

i always forget

During the days I think, oh yeah, I should mention that on the blog. Well everything I had on that mental list is off in never-never (remember) land except one.
Sean is laughing. My dad was over yesterday and while I was at the dentist Sean sneezed and then proceeded to laugh. I was bummed I had missed it. Today Joe's dad was over for dinner and afterwards he was holding Sean. Somehow Jim was able to get Sean to laugh a couple of times, the cutest laugh. It was awesome. He is full blown laughing. He's still a string bean, only about 11 pounds, but he is doing well. The napping is a little (LOT) off lately but still doing well at night.
Nope all the other things I was going to mention are gone. Maybe next time I will write them down.