Wednesday, March 23, 2011

our little comic relief

I love our girls, they are hilarious. Molly and Cassidy are different but man, are they funny. The day after Julia came home I had to get all the girl clothing down from the garage, I had expected a boy and so got only boy clothes out. Well I got distracted while putting the dresses in the nursery closet. Cassidy must have come in after me and found two dresses sitting there begging to be put on. The next thing I see is Cassidy coming out of the nursery with a 3-6 month dress on. Of course it looked like a shirt and I couldn't button it but it fit her. Then out walks Molly, also with a 3-6 month dress on, also looking just like a shirt. Neither had pants on, just panties or a diaper and the baby dress. All I could do was laugh, too bad I didn't grab the camera. Of course it was Cassidy who got Molly undressed then dressed again. She is always trying to help get Molly naked.
We've had Julia sleeping in a pack'n'play in the family room since she came home. She no longer is there if the girls are up because we have a baby snatcher in the family. Little Cassidy just can't resist little Julia, no matter how often we tell her not to touch the baby ir to leave her blankets alone. The other day both Joe and I were home, the two older girls were up, and Julia was peacefully sleeping in the p&p. I was on the couch in the family room and must have fallen asleep, go figure. Well I woke up to see Cassidy walking out of the room carrying a doll dressed in pink, just like Julia. I jumped up, checked the p&p, saw that Julia was not in it and went running into the kitchen after Cassidy. Joe was in there but he was staring in unbelief at Cassidy carrying baby Julia like a doll. All I could think as I ran in there was "don't let go, don't drop her". Fortunately nothing happened but oh the idea of what could have been was enough to change the sleeping arrangement. I had no idea she'd be able to pick Julia up out of the p&p. Big sisters aren't they great?